Basic Grey Mini-Swatch Book Album

Step 1:Gather your supplies.You will need:

Basic Grey Collection Pack Cover Sheet
12 x 12 Chipboard or Cardboard sheet
All-over adhesive, such as Mod Podge

Hole Punch

Metal Ring

Step 2:Once you have all of your supplies, cut the Collection Sheet into 3 pieces, as shown.I chose to save the middle piece (with all the little squares) to use as accent patterned paper in my book.This project will work with most of the Collection Pack Sheets, including all of the new ones.

Step 3:Adhere the two outer pieces to the cardboard/chipboard as shown.I chose to save the rest of the sheet to use as accents throughout my book, so I did NOT adhere them to cardboard, but if you wanted them to be thicker then you could adhere the entire thing.


Step 4:After the adhesive dries, cut out all the strips, as shown in the picture below.These will be your album pages.

Step 5:After you have cut out all the strips, punch holes in the ends.I punched one hole and then marked the rest of the strips so that the holes would line up evenly on each page.

Step 6:Insert the metal ring into the hole, and you have your very own Basic Grey mini swatch book album to decorate as you please.I turned mine into a “My Favorite Things” mini-album, and I put journaling on the back of each page.



  1. Scrappinology says

    well I had been saving those pages to use as decorative items in my sb’s but this idea is even better and cuter! thanks so much!

  2. Anne House says

    Thanks for sending this in!! I love it, and used it for this week’s Scrapping Cents. Keep sending in those wonderful ideas!

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