Bracket Journaling Boxes

I have a major thing for brackets these days! So, I decided to start making my own journaling boxes out of them. It ended up being much simpler than I first expected.

What you need: paper, a negative bracket die cut image, pen, scissors, and a ruler or journaling line template.

For my bracket template, I cut out a 5.5” bracket using the Cricut George & Basic Shapes cartridge. Using that die cut negative, the inside piece is 4.5 inches, as shown in the image below.

So, you’ll need to cut your patterned paper (the paper that will become your journaling box) down to the size that you want it to be. In this case, mine was 4.5” tall and about 4.5 inches wide at its widest point, however you can make it be as wide or narrow as you need for your page–which is half the beauty of it!

After cutting down your paper, you need to trace the inside of the bracket template (the negative die cut image) onto the back of your paper, then cut it out.

Finally, turn it over and finish up the journaling box. I doodled around the bracket edges to enhance the shape. Then, using a ruler or journaling template, draw the journaling lines onto your box.

And, you have a quick and easy journaling box. I love this because I can make a journaling box using whatever shape and paper I want. I used a Cricut Die cut bracket, but you could easily use any die cut negative—Bo Bunny, Basic Grey, My Mind’s Eye, etc. And, you can use any shape to make your own customized journaling boxes. Here is a close-up of this journal box:

Here is the finished page. I made this page using Basic Grey Boxer papers, and I just absolutely LOVE that line! It is amazing for guy/boy pages and for just all kinds of pages!


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