Friday Finds!

For the very first Friday Finds column, I decided to go with the clear album. Thanks, Melissa for her challenge! I, too, have been distantly intrigued by them. I’ve seen as they have become all the rage, but I was skeptical and hadn’t tried one yet. But, when someone suggested it for today, I decided to really challenge myself and go with it. I have never purchased a clear album and have no LSS at which to get one on such short notice, so here’s what I did:

I used clear packaging. A lot of albums and kits come with this kind of acetate-like clear packaging. As you can see, this is the top covering for a 3-pack of Provo-Craft Albums. I know that some of the kits/sets at JoAnns, including some of the KI Memories kits come with packaging like this:My first step was to cut it down to 2×4 inch pieces, which would be my album pages. Here are my blank pages:

After I had my pages ready, I painted them with acrylic paint, right in the center. I did this so that there would be a little more substance to the pages. I think a completely clear album can be too busy since you can see all the pages through to the cover. The paint in the center of my pages prevents that from happening and, in my opinion, makes the album look a bit neater, while still maintaining the clear/ transparent quality of the album.

After allowing the paint to dry, I decorated the album. I made mine a spring-colored Easter album for my son’s first Easter. It was the perfect size to capture the event and the clear album was perfect to showcase all the fun spring colors.

After I had decorated the album, I punched a hole in each page and inserted the metal ring.

Here is a somewhat condensed picture of the entire album. The journaling for each page is on the back of the previous page.

Remember, leave me your comments with items/techniques that you would like to see in next week’s Friday Finds column! Each Friday, I will choose one product to make a layout or project with. Hopefully, it might even trigger your own creative thinking and allow you to use your supplies more. And, if there are at least 5 entries per week, I will send a small RAK prize to the person whose item I chose for that week’s Friday Find. The initial entry explaining this is Here.


  1. Allie says

    SOOOO cute Crystal! You did an amazing job. Great idea.My suggestion is alcohol inks… haven’t tried them yet. They baffle me.

  2. senora_x says

    wow crystal your mini album rocks! love that you used items you had too! Great ideas! Here’s another suggestion for the Friday finds: stickles! I see everyone using it but I can’t seem to figure it out! Thanks!

  3. Dettao says

    That really looks great. While I like the look of the stuff peeking through the clear pages, the paint is an excellent idea because it also gives the album some continuity from one page to the next. Also, good use of what would have been trash.

  4. Tiffany says

    great job! I need to be more adventurous and try it out. I have a bind it all just collecting dust because I want to use it to make an acrylic album but need to find the right acrylic- looks like you have! Nice work!

  5. hiscrappergirl says

    Super cute!! I am dying to try and do a clear album myself – but I am totally freaked. The cost of the albums also makes it a bit prohibitive when you aren’t sure what you are doing. This is a great way to try it out on the cheap – and talk about being green and reusing/recycling!!

  6. a.k.a. Amooretto says

    That is a great idea!! I will definately take notes here and try one out for myself!! THANKS FOR THE TIPS! Great album too by the way! ;)

  7. NoraAnne says

    Crystal, this came out SO cute and I love that you used the old album cover! What a great way to recycle! really creative!!!

  8. Candace says

    Your Easter album is so cute!!! Great job! My suggestion for a technique is paper piecing. I’m still new to scrapbooking so I’d love to see how to do it. Thanks! – candylou

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