Simple Paper Storage

Today, I wanted to share a storage solution that I use. I’ve always struggled with how to store my 12×12 papers/etc. So, I finally got a 12×12 hanging folder filing system for them. At first I purchased the 12×12 filing folders to go with the system. However, after using them, I found 2 problems with that. First of all, while I could write on the tabs, I can’t see through the folders, and I am a very visual person. It is more helpful for me to see the actual product. Secondly, the sides are not enclosed, so when it comes to smaller items—such as paper scraps, matching die cuts, stickers, etc., which I sometimes store together with a line of paper—it is harder to store them in those file folders without them falling out. There are other clear 12×12 storage systems for paper, such as the tabbed folders from Cropper Hopper, which you can see through.

However, I have found a solution that works perfectly for me. I purchase the 12×12 sheet protectors from the Dollar General store’s scrapbooking selection. There are 10 in a package for $4.00, which is much less expensive than any other storing system (clear storage, file folders, etc.) that I have found. These protectors hold up well enough that I have been using them for several years now and haven’t had any problems with them at all. Also, they are wider than most sheet protectors, because there isn’t a barrier between the holes and the actual sheet protector. So, the usable space is 13 x 12 inches. I store all of my collections in these, because it’s enclosed (great for scraps) and they are clear, which is great for me to see my supplies.
I’ve included a picture of some that I have. These are some Fancy Pants collections and you can see that some of them have smaller pieces in there, also that there are several sheets (an average of 10-15) in each protector. I can easily store the entire coordinating line in a single protector.


  1. Chelsey says

    Okay, I searched for this and this is a great way to store your paper. Before I started using the Decofile Folders, i was also using the Dollar Tree 12×12 sheet protectors and that worked pretty well. I didnt have a filing cabinet for them though, so they were still just piled on top of each other! Great ideas.I would LOVE to have the leftover CM items that you have!!!! What a treat!!! What is your email? I will send you my address so you can ship them to me. I am so thrilled about this! What a sweetheart you are.

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