Creative Chipboard!

I was inspired by the current Method Playground challenge to use chipboard in a creative way. It was a fun challenge.

I started out with this chipboard flower.

I turned it upside down, and the underside was white. I then inked the edges, doodled the arrows, and made a little pointer wheel :) I cut out these circles, and used it to go along with my love/hate theme of winter.

I also did this for the current Unpubbed challenge. The new challenge was to lift a great layout by Deanna…head on over there and check it out :) Here is the resulting layout, about my love/hate relationship with Winter.


  1. Chelsey says

    I think a lot of people have that relationship with winter! You have the most creative ideas. If you don’t mind, I am going to print this one out and try to create something similar at Croptoberfest this weekend. Again, I love how you have the confidence to leave part of the page blank. I still feel like I need to cover every little space.

  2. The Fry's says

    That is a really awesome idea! I may have to do something similar. I love the layout, I am really digging the minimal layouts these days. Just a bit in a corner goes a long way. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Chelsey says

    I did not even realize I had not put any of my pages up! Take a look, I have added a few. They are nothing compared to yours, but hey, maybe I can learn something!

  4. Angela V. says

    this is too cute! i love that you made a love/hate spinner with the flower, what a great idea! i know what you mean with the love/hate relationship w/ winter…and I can’t decide how I feel about it being so chilly already!

  5. Amy says

    I love that idea and your layout is wonderful. I am having brain overload thinking of the different ways I could use your idea.

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