Got Thickers???

My technique today involves my new favorite thing: AC Thickers!!! I have decided that White is my new favorite color for them because they are so versatile…you can easily alter them with ink! I got the idea a while back on my “Everything else can wait” layout. I didn’t have the right color of letters and decided to try and color them with an inkpad. It worked perfectly. This time I needed yellow and decided to make a little tutorial. So, here we go.

Start off with plain white chipboard thickers.

Just go over them evenly with your inkpad. I used Colorbox cat’s eye because it’s my favorite. You can color it all over or in blotches, whatever you want to do. I covered mine all over. Here is a pic in the process of covering them with the ink.

Here is a close up of the finished letters on my page. The close-up flash picked up some white specks, but you can’t see those in real life looking at them.

And, here is the whole finished page. I did this page for my Recipe Challenge over at FH2S. The recipe I made was a challenge to myself as well, but I was pleased with the overall page…head on over there and check out the recipe :)

Anyway, back to the thickers…I was very pleased with how well they colored!


  1. Lydia says

    Awesome tip in the thickers. I have never thought to use ink pads to give a different color. TFS!YEAH! TEAMMATES TOO!

  2. Melissa says

    Awesome tip! Also, if you don’t want to wait for it to dry, you can use a heat-embossing gun to help them dry faster! :)

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