Hidden Journaling…

I made this page a while ago, and posted it, but decided to make it into a tutorial just in case anyone was interested in making your own hidden journaling book.

Supplies: lined paper (or a stencil or something to make your own lined paper), scissors, pen, patterned paper, brad.

First of all, get your basic shape. This could be a flower, heart, artisan label, square…whatever. It can be as plain or fancy as you want it to be for your page. Trace that shape onto your journaling paper and cut it out. Do this for as many pages as you think you will need for your book.

Here are my cut out pages. I traced the top one onto some lined paper from Creative Memories, then I cut them out, as you see.

Finally, using a craft knife, make an identically placed hole in each sheet. I placed mine in the bottom left hand side of the pages. Then, stack them together and place onto your page :) And, oila, you have your very own journaling book that fans out :)

Here is the completed page, about my relationship with my sister. I chose to have part of the journaling visible, and to hide the more personal part of the journaling, but you could easily hide all of the journaling and just make the front page be decoration/embellishments to your page.

Thanks for looking! And, if you use this idea, be sure to link it back here and let me see what you did with it :)


  1. Lal says

    Oh, that’s a great idea!! How did you attach them to your page? It looks like that’s an eyelet there in the corner. Thanks!

  2. Chelsey says

    Beautiful! I am going to try this for a page that I have coming up. Sometimes, i need to fill an entire page for journaling, but this would eliminate that problem. How are you making it stand up and not feather out when it is in your album?

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