Make your own Paper Piecing Pattern.

First things first: I had an email from Basic Grey in my in box yesterday and my first thought was, “Oh…it’s some kind of advertisement or something”…then I read the subject line and found that I had a layout accepted into their online gallery!!!

I’m so excited! I had submitted 2-3 pages before, but nothing had been accepted yet :) Anyway, I just had to share…check it out…


Now, on to the pattern thing…I have been looking for a scarecrow pattern, and I found several but they weren’t exactly what I wanted. But, we have a tablecloth with the perfect scarecrows! So, I decided to make my own paper piecing pattern, I was actually pretty excited when I thought of it! lol

-Permanent Fine-tip Marker (sharpies work really well)
-Transparency (can be purchased from any office supply store, or office section at Wal-Mart)
-something flat and pretty :)

Step 1: Using the transparency and sharpie, trace your design onto the transparency sheet. No light box needed, since you can see right through it :)

Here is my traced scarecrow. I went ahead and traced all the little designs as well, so that I can remember where they were and what they were in case I decide to add those in as well :)

Now, just cut your pattern into the appropriate pieces, and there you go :)

I haven’t actually made my finished scarecrow yet, but here is the pattern and I’m hoping to make my scarecrow in the next day or so. If you use this, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know! I’d love to see your pattern :)


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