I can see clearly now…

They were in a horrible state! All of them that would fit were crammed into a drawer of one of those 8.5 x 11 storage containers (literally–crammed, as in, holding things down inside the drawer as I was closing it!). And what wouldn’t fit in there was hanging on my wall, bound together w/ metal book rings…I had several sets like this, probably about 20 or so sets of Studio G stamps hanging on my wall, it wasn’t pretty. Basically, I never really used my clear stamps because it was such a hassle to dig for them.

I took all the stamps out of their little packages, placed them into CD cases. I used a lot of recycled CD cases. I had several from CD’s that had been lost, broken, or borrowed and never returned. And then I just randomly used a lot of my old CD cases because all of my CD’s are in soft CD holders, so I haven’t used those CD cases in literally years for most of them. So, I decided to put them to use :)
I cleaned them all up, and popped out the center (the part that holds the CD). Then I took all my stamps out of their packages and placed them, by theme or category, into the cases. I then cut a 4.75 x 4.75″ square sheet of white cardstock, which I made into an index print for each case. And for the side I cut a strip of white cardstock that was a smidge over 1/4 inch by 4.75 inch.
Here is the end result. For clear stamps, I don’t think the CD cases really take up less room, they are just so much easier and neater to organize (for me anyway). I am very excited about this! it was a time-consuming project, but well worth it I think.


  1. Andrea Amu says

    I have been wanting to do something like this with my acrylics for the logest time! Great job on your organizing…looks like the perfect answer!

  2. denine zielinski says

    I am sooooo jealous, I need to organize my clears stamps. Thanks for the idea….I’ll put it on my list of things that I eventually need to do!

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