The great thing about organizing…

Is that I always seem to run across things that I didn’t know I had! This time around, it was an extra set of Studio G Christmas stamps! So, I am going to share those with someone. If you would like to receive this set of stamps, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Christmas. If more than one person wants them, I will draw a name :) Forgot to mention…I will accept comments on this through Friday 10/31.

Also, I finally added the “follow this blog” function on my blog, so if you follow my blog, you’ll be linked to it on my sidebar, pretty neat :)

In other news, Caeden still isn’t talking at all past “mama” and “dada” and he is 14 months old! He did all the physical stuff early, but the talking not so much. Hopefully he’ll start talking soon. He communicates in his own ways, and he clearly understands the things that we say to him, but he just hasn’t felt the need to start talking to us yet.

I want to make over my blog…does anybody know a good place for blogger templates? I specifically would like to have 3 columns instead of 2. I know I’ve seen blogspot blogs that have 3 columns, I just need to find a template. Thanks in advance :)

ETA: I did a little search and, obviously, learned how to do 3 columns :) Yay! So, here is the site and it gives a very detailed instruction for how to do it, you just have to copy and paste the code additions that are given :)


  1. Kimberkv says

    Hi there!! Thought I’d check out your blog. I’m sort of new to the whole blogger world. Love those stamps, just starting that too. I’ve fought it for a long time.My favorite thing about Christmas is having the lights from the tree on and watching them twinkle. And of course the whole reason for Christmas, Our Saviour.PS: If yuo learn how to have 3 columns, will you share with me? thanks!!

  2. mel says

    awesome rak would love to win these christmas stamp!here a place where you can dress up your blog love bloging and sometime spent a whole day peepingmy favorite deal about christmas is the foods and decoration and how everyone is so in the mood and nice to each other!!just wish it was year around

  3. karen In Houston says

    Crystal these stamps are fantastic. My favorite thing about Christmas is our family Christmas gathering, we have lots of food, gifts,ornament exchange and fun. I have 4 daughters and spouses or friends, 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren and all ages, so we have quite a crowd. Seeing the faces of the younger ones upon opening their gifts is very memorable and this year I hope to get some great pictures to scrap.Thanks to my Jesus for blessing me with a large family to celebrate His birthday. I also am interested in learning how to do 3 columns on my blog.

  4. Sandy says

    Wow – great RAK – would LOVE those stamps. My favorite thing about Christmas is the charitable deeds that the holidays bring out in so many people. Now if we could find a way to continue them throughout the year. Happy Holidays – even though it’s still a while…

  5. CorrieW says

    I was just checking your blog and don’t worry about the talking, my nephew didn’t start with mama and dada till around 19/20 months so to me your son is doing okay. My favorite thing about Christmas is the family get togethers. My hubby has a large family and they all live out of town but at Christmas there are 2 or 3 get togethers where everyone comes and we see all his Aunts, Uncles and distant cousins. My cousins are in Alberta and I never see them.

  6. ~*~Kathie~*~ says

    My favorite thing about Christmas is having all my family home. I have three little grandsons and two of them live about 700 miles away. The only time I get to see them is Christmas. And this year I will have a new DIL.The stamps are so cute. I am working on my Christmas Through The Years album right now and they would really come in handy. Thank you for the RAK opportunity. You have a Very Merry Christmas!

  7. Candace says

    What a great RAK! My favorite thing about Christmas is simply spending time with family and baking all my favorite Christmas goodies to give out to friends and family.

  8. YoZefie says

    Here is a site where I found some cute layouts. You can tweek them to your liking with Photoshop (if you have it). stamps are sooooo cute. Thanks for the RAK.My favorite thing about Christmas is caroling. I love watching peoples reactions. Whether its in a personal setting or singing for perfect strangers, faces light up and wow!

  9. Buffyverse Fan says

    I love those stamps. They are so cute. My favorite thing about Christmas is I don’t work in retail anymore. Just kidding (kind of). I actually love being with my family during holidays. I had moved far away for about 4.5 years and since I did work in retail I never got to see my family during the holiday season. I spent plenty a Christmas days alone and depressed or with friends’ families (just not the same). Now that I am back I love being with my family and being able to spend all my holidays with them.

  10. Ashley M says

    hi crystal! love the 3 column look! I think i might switch to 3 columns once i get better at digital scrapping and can create my own header and background but for now ill stick with what i of my favorite things to do at christmas time is hop in the car with my family and go to the drive-thru light show at the local park… i havent been able to do this for a few years since i was alway at school so im totally excited to start again this year!!!! My all time favorite thing by far though is just spending time with my whole family and celebrating the true meaning of christmas!p.s. love those stamps! too cute!

  11. msj827 says

    Who doesn’t need more Christmas stamps. My favorite thing about Christmas is being with family. I love Christmas breakfast and dinner.

  12. Chelsey says

    Don’t you love it when you find some goodies that have been hiding?Cute stamps! I am addicted to Christmas stamps because i love making homemade cards. They are always simple, but it is fun to do.My favorite thing about Christmas is wrapping gifts! My husband and I always do this together while listening to carols and drinking hot chocolate or cider. Mollie generally helps by stepping on some paper and making it nice and crinkled up. ha.Good luck with Caeden – I dont have kids so I have no idea about timelines for all that fun stuff.

  13. Christia's Scrappy Blog says

    Hi…nice set of stamps, and i would love to win them! Well, my favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family and watching my daughter enjoy the joy of the holiday season. Thanks for sponsoring this RAK…it is a great one.

  14. Jenny says

    Thank you for posting the link about the 3 column blog!!! I’m soooo computer illiterate…maybe this will help me figure it out! LOL!

  15. Kelly says

    My favorite thing about Christmas is singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning and having my girls take turns reading the Christmas story from the Bible.What a cool RAK, thanks so much Crystal!!~blessings,Kelly

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