Another Year older…

Am I wiser? Time will tell…lol. So, last Friday actually was my Birthday. It was a great day. There was a break in the weather, so we got just enough rain that Chad was able to be home with me! Which was great after he had been out until 3:30 AM and 2:00 AM the previous 2 nights fighting fires. He worked 37 hours in 2 days, w/ only 3 hours of sleep in between. I was so excited to spend some time with him. Anyway, he here is what he gave me: a great card, a GC from Hobby Lobby (which I spent yesterday at their great 50% off scrapbooking categories this week–paper, spare parts, gems, etc. I got some great deals). a tube of Carmex, which I am addicted to, and a Caramello, which is the greatest candy bar ever! He really is so thoughtful!

Also at HL yesterday I got some adorable little houses that I am planning to decorate w/ the MME Be Merry line. I saw some Houses done for Halloween by Nancy (Nancola at and fell in love with the idea of making myself a little Christmas Village. I think that MME line will be perfect for it.

I wrote this using the “blog this pic” function in Picasa 3 which I downloaded onto my computer, so we’ll see how the entry ends up. If it works, it was pretty handy :)

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  1. Lydia says

    I have Picasa 2 I believe. How much difference is the 3 from 2? Sorry about the link too. I tryed to fix it, but it just wasnt working for me :(

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