Paper/Cardstock Storage + A Paper giveaway.

I have been re organizing my scrapbook room, and one of my many problem areas was paper and cardstock. Here are the three ways that I decided to store that:

My new/faves paper goes in a hanging file system that is under my desk and can easily be pulled out. These are the papers that are the most accessible because I use them the most. They are sorted by manufacturer and collection.

Next we have the older/lesser fave papers, that I still can’t get rid of, of course. Although I did do a lot of purging. Anyway, here is a BEFORE shot. As in, before the organizing. Nice, huh?

Here is what they look like now. I have them separatd into recycled USPS priority boxes. I cannot personally advocate getting these from the PO for this sole purpose, for ethical reasons, but these were all recycled boxes that people had mailed things to me in. I just cut them down using the plastic one you see in the photo as a guide. Then I painted them with acrylic paint. The colors aren’t artistic, they just happened to be the colors that I the most of.

These boxes are sorted in various ways. Some are kits, some are themed, some are by color, etc. Some are just random papers that I’m not sure what to do with, but couldn’t bear to get rid of for one reason or another.
All of the boxes are sitting on an inexpensive bookshelf that I bought at Wal-Mart for about $40. The 12×12 papers fit perfectly, but some items hang over the edge just a tad. I can deal with it though because a nicer shelf isn’t really in the budget right now.

And, finally I organized my cardstock. This took a while, but I LOVE the result. Regretfully, I forgot to take a “before” picture, but let me paint you a picture. I buy a lot of cardstock in stacks–DCWV, The Paper studio, even Bazzill value packs. So, I had stacks. Then, I had individual sheets that I had purchased. Then I had random sheets that I had torn out of the stacks and decided not to use after all. So, every time I need a particular color I would by trying to remember which stack the shade I needed could be found in and then sifting through multiple stacks and/or loose sheets. Not at all efficient. So, I decided to go through ALL of the stacks, tear out each individual paper and then organize them according to color and shade. I love the result and it definitely makes it much easier to find what I am looking for.

The cardstock is just sitting on a shelf, not in any kind of container, because it’s not really going anywhere and I like the easier access.

Finally, I have some themed items–papers, embellies, etc. Stored in this container. It was somewhat of a splurge for me, but it was on sale and DH bought it for me for Christmas. In here I have: Christmas, Baby, Fall/Thanksgiving, Wedding, Love/V-Day, and one section for a few kits from kit clubs that I have gotten here and there. Mainly just themes that I have a lot of stuff for. It helps to have it all together, although some of my themed items are still sorted by manufacturer, it just kind of depends.

Anyway, there is my paper. I am working on a “big picture” kind of thing about how/where I store everything in my room, so I will be posting that soon. It’s kind of taking a lot of work though b/c I have a crazy need to explain every single thing.

And, now for the giveaway…

So, while you wait, how about some paper for YOUR stash…I have a Pink Paislee Pop Fashion Collection 8×8 paper pack to send someone…So, if you would like to receive this, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite season is. Me, personally, I’m kind of done with winter. I love snow, but am not all about the cold. I look forward to reading about your favorite seasons!


  1. ~EssenseVibez~ says

    i love it all–my favorite season happens to be what it is now–i love the snow–i love the cold–i love having to be inside sippin’ on a cup of cider or spiced tea–whatever the season is, thats the season i love–i figure if God took the time to create the seasons, i should be able to enjoy them all!!!–remain blessed!!!

  2. Molly says

    My favorite season in Hawaii is winter, by far (it’s not hot!) but at home, I would have to say that my fav season is FALL! I miss it so much!

  3. Melissa W. says

    My least favorite season is winter. My favorite season is probably late spring/early summer. Anytime when it’s warm, but not too warm. hehe.I need to get into my room and do the same thing. Hopefully I can accomplish that tomorrow! lol

  4. Aly says

    I agree, I’m done with winter too. I loveeee when it’s changing from spring to summer. When it’s nice enough for short sleeves but you don’t feel like you need to shower right after you went outside for 5 minutes because of the humidity! I’m a big fan of about 75 degrees with a nice breeze.

  5. pictures2pages says

    My fav is spring. I’m ready to be done with winter and spring is nice and a little warm but not quite sweat it out in the heat of summer.

  6. Cheryl Wray says

    That paper is so pretty!!!And I love your organizational plans. Looks great!! (I seriously need to get my stuff organized.)I’d love to be in the drawing.Summer is definitely my favorite season. Love beach vacations, wearing shorts, and heat!!

  7. Chelsey says

    I love this paper organization Crystal! Your cardstock is so beautiful – all those bright colors!Nice giveaway! My favorite season is Spring. I love to watch my plants come back to life and to break out the cooler clothes. Like you – I am DONE with winter! The Summer is so unbearably hot, but Spring is just perfect!

  8. Sherri S says

    Wow! You did an awesome job with organizing! My fav season has to be Spring, with Fall almost a tie. I’m not a fan of being too cold or too hot. So I love both Spring and Fall temps. Have to admit …watching everything in bloom in the Spring just brings a smile to my face!

  9. Stacey says

    Great job on the organizing – bet that feels good – it loks great. Great giveaway by the way. I love fall! The fall colors – the leaves changing – the smell – love it.

  10. NoraAnne says

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :) Wow, I need to do some organizing and you are inspiring me! My favorite season is Fall, I just love everything about it, the colors, the crisp air, hayrides, pumpkins, i could go on and on!

  11. gojenlaw says

    I love what you did with your room. My favorite season would have to be summer. I t is nice and hot with tons of sunshine.

  12. Jennifer says

    You know I love your room but I do have a question. Where did you get your hanging file system at and does it work with 12×12?My fav, Season is spring. The newness of it and the fresh start and all the green everywhere.The feeling of finally being able to breth outside after a cold winter.

  13. Leslie says

    it’s Leslie…your teammate from ScrapWhispers…I think I have just found another new friend in you…my sister in Christ. I love your playlist for one and could sit and listen to it just as long as I do KLOVE online! Anyway…my fave season is a tie between Spring and Fall. For both its the amazing colors that pop up everywhere. The weather is usually perfect…not too hot and not too cold. And lastly they both speak of God’s beautiful creation…Spring for the new life it brings and Fall for the beauty of what was and the new life that he is promising us after the winter.

  14. Scrapper Mom says

    Jennifer,My rolling cart is this one from Cropper Hopper, and it is made for 12×12 papers…I got it from you go to the "organization" label in my blog, I have an entry dedicated to the things I use w/ it to sort my papers.Also, I have used plastic crates, similar to these:, that I got at the dollar store or Wal-Mart or something for about $5. The papers stick up a bit above the top of the crate, but was no big deal. I just didn't really like mine sitting on the floor and I liked the rolling cart better for me.

  15. Tricia says

    ok, I am so taking this idea too with the priority boxes. I have enough of them hanging around that I can put to good use! Great idea! I personally love fall the best. The weather is still nice and it is fresh. The colors are so warm and inviting and I love the traditional pumpkin patch trips and apple picking that we do as a family

  16. Sarah says

    Doesn’t organizing feel good? I love my cardstock by color like that. It looks good and makes me feel happy looking at it. I love the giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  17. Debby says

    You are doing a great job whipping your scraproom into shape. I love autumn the best. The cool crisp air, the colors and my trip to the mountains.

  18. denitza says

    Oh, I like all the organized papers! So very cool ! I need to do that some times soon, I hope!:)My fave season is Summer! I love it warm and bright, the days are long, we can play out all day long! Being in WI it doesn’t get that hot:)Least fave is Winter, and again being in WI we have a long winter.:)

  19. scrappermimi says

    I love seeing how people organize their scraproom…always so many great idea!I love summer…surf, sand, my kids are home and no set schedule!

  20. Susan Stringfellow says

    You go, Crystal!!! And thanks for the in depth photos and “tips” here because I think we all could do with a bit of a spring cleaning right now. Enjoy your room!

  21. Beth Warren says

    I’m more of a fall girl – early fall, warm enough to swim, and wear shorts, but not super hot. Congrats on your new DT positions, that’s awesome.

  22. Beth Warren says

    I don’t know if my previous post went through (I had to verify, came back and didn’t see it):I’m a fall girl, I love the colors, and cooler weather, love the light for photographs, it’s just a great time of year.

  23. Jessica G. says

    Love the way your organized your plain cardstock. Could be that I like it that way since it’s how i do it! Makes everything so much easier!!! :)

  24. Stacy says

    I am a jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirt tied around my waist kind of girl, so fall is by far my fave season. It helps that my birthday falls in October as well!

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