My Scrap Space and another Giveaway :)

Finally, my official organization post! I am so excited to share my room with all of you. I know that there are others like myself who need inexpensive storage solutions.

I have created a video tour for those who are interested. It’s my first attempt at doing anything like this, but for the most part I think it’s okay. Watch Video Here, and make sure you click on “watch in high quality” just under the video screen. It makes a huge difference.

Otherwise, here is the tour in pictures and written words…really LONG. But, if you’re interested in that, click here.

First of all, a couple of disclaimers:

1. I did NOT choose the color of the paint. When we moved into this house, I was 4 months pregnant, still having crazy bad morning sickness and we had 2 days to move in. 2 days from the time that we had access to this place until we had to be completely out of our old place. So, it was a bit hectic, and not all of the rooms got re-done…the next thing you know, we’ve been here 2 years and there is still a hideous shade of blue on my walls, peeling off to reveal the wall-paper under it in spots. Anyway, I just overlook the walls and you should too! lol.

2. If I ever get a real scrap space all to my own that I don’t have to share, it will NOT, I repeat, will NOT have carpet! But, that’s not really my choice this time around either.

3. I have to keep everything against the wall, because the room isn’t that big, and the bed is directly behind me, completely against the other wall, which was in itself a small victory for me. I can’t have things out in the middle of the room because then they would be in my in-laws way when they come and stay here. They live in IL, so they visit for a week or so every 2-3 months on average. So, I really had to utilize my wallspace, but I have to say that I LOVE having so much of my supplies be right at my fingertips.

NOW for the Giveaway:

I have a set of Making Memories clear passport stamps to give to someone. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment with your best Scrapbooking Organization tip. I will randomly draw a winner in about a week or so. Also, if you leave a tip that I personally am inspired by and implement, then I will send you a smaller RAK for being an inspiration. I am very much looking forward to all of your organization tips!!!


  1. Melissa W. says

    Congrats on finishing your space! I’ve found mine may never be finished as I’m constantly adding to it!So, my current favorite organizational item in my space is my Making Memory Embellishment Centers. I have two of them and the ROCK. I can’t believe how much stuff they hold without looking crowded.Another thing I’m going to be doing this weekend is my paper organization. I’ve gone from paper caddies to a small 12×12 filing cabinet, to both a filing cabinet and paper caddies, and now I think I’ve got a good solution for the fact that I like paper and will never have enough. hehe.My husband’s cousin works for a local university. They’re cleaning out some of their office furniture, including the lateral file cabinets. These cabinets will hold 13×20 sheets of paper and more. They’ll adjust to hold 12×12 file folders. I’m going to store my paper that way, organized by manufacturer and/or color and/or kit. I can’t wait to get the project done. I’ll post it on my blog once I’m done! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Really enjoyed your ideas!I recently needed a new holder for my pens. Being cheap I decided to buy a loaf pan from the $1 store. It the prefect size and very sturdy.Jenni

  3. RobinJ says

    Great space, Crystal! I can see why you always create such wonderful work! I wish I had that much space to use! I don’t know why people don’t like the plastic drawers! I have one with 3 drawers in it and I love it! Lots of space right there next to me and the drawers hold quite a bit!My little tip: I use one of those multi drawered tool boxes from Home Depot to store all my small embellishments in (brads, eyelets, rhinestones, etc). It has 8 large drawers and 14 small drawers so I have lots of space (and they’re clear drawers so I can see what is in them!). The whole box sits nicely on a little bookshelf I have next to my scrapping table. I love this little thing as I can now organize my brads, eyelets, etc in little drawers according to their color and not have to dig through all the little packages! I’ll try to get a good picture and post it somewhere for you. :)

  4. StaceyM says

    Wonderful space for scrapping. I love all your hooks that you have around the room so that your items are out to use.The one tip that I have and I will have to take a picture for you because it is so cool and hard to describe. But you already have a lot of baby jars that you are using for your brads and what not. I have a handmade item hanging on my wall. It has metal brackets that are bent down so that you can slide your open jars right into the brackets. They hold perfectly. I will see if I can get a picture for you and post it at Serendipity.

  5. michele says

    wow!!!that looks great!!my tip: I store my acrylic stamps on 8&1/2×11 transparencies and slip them into a page protector and put them in a 3-ring binder. Then I slip a colored sheet of paper between each stamp page so I can see them tag!! (check my blog…) lol

  6. jacque4u2c says

    Awesome set-up. It makes it such an easier workspace when everything is organized. I always seem more productive when I can just twirl around in my chair and have everything at my finger tips. Of course, when I am done with a project – I have to start over again – because I ususally have everything I own on my desk. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  7. Claude says

    Congrats on your new space, it reminds me of mine! It’s nice to have a spot all our own!My organizational tip: I keep all my tiny alphas in a seperate basket instead of putting them with my regular alphas. That way, they don’t get lost and I find I’m using them a LOT more!

  8. Audrey says

    I really like those buckets (the red, the blue, and the green — though I may have the colors mistaken a bit) in that bottom photo. Those are very cool. Great space and congrats on tackling it all!

  9. DebW says

    Nice space! My best storage idea is actually my scraproom mantra-“a place for everything, everything in its place”.Works for me!

  10. Georgina says

    WOW Crystal, youre so organised your space looks excellent – you have so much stuff, youve been really economical with the space you have very creative too. I have seen some ideas for my own space which is small so thanks for the inspiration. I totally love your accent too – your so cute, its nice to hear you! :) My best organisational tip would be for all those brads you have – take a plastic margarine/butter tub, wash it out and dry it, cover in your favourite paper and decorate with a title “brads”. Cut some cardstock to size and use them as dividers. You can sort your brads inside, keeping them divided with the cardstock – you can stack the tubs ontop of each other too so can sort them by colours or brands if you want to etc.

  11. Delia W says

    WOW this must have taken a while to do (and not just the room, the post and video to).. Great work though. One day I to will be organised.. my best organization tip: I scrap in the living room (although I have a room just for me), I want to be with my partner and there is no chance he is going to sit in the scrap room ;-), so I have to be portable. I bought some IKea kids room storage holders that has wheels and just big enough to take 12×12 items. They are stackable. In each of them there is a type of product (ie stamps, alphas, chipboard…) except for my papers. So when I want to scrap, I just bring out the holders I need and the papers. And putting it back into the holders isn’t that much work: put back and close with the lid.Then stack them and roll them back to the room. Done.My biggest issue is Magazines… So I’ll have a look and see if I can get some tips here.

  12. Melissa says

    Hi love the space I am working on mine as we speak! Just found the coolest piece of furniture at good will for $15.99! my tip would be to get a silverware tray you know the kind you put in a drawer. WM has them in this mesh like material put some nails in the wall and slip them through the holes in the mesh and now you have some awesome storage for ink pads here is a bad picture of my mess from last week lol told you I was working on it but you can see what I was talking about on the wall :)

  13. senora_x says

    this looks awesome! loved the video and you have the cutest accent! So weird to hear someones voice for the first time when I feel like I’ve “chatted” with you so much! Love all your storage ideas. My two favorite organizational ideas are the baseball protectors that perfectly fit the $1 stamps. the second is I use an old wine rack filled with cups to hold my pens.

  14. stamprgrl says

    I didn’t know you had such a cute accent! Love your room … organizational tip…hmmm from me??? that’s a crook?!?!? LOL!!!! I guess have stuff out there so you can see it and use it.– dalis

  15. Nuts in a Tree says

    Great space…looks like a wonderful place to create! My one tip is something I implemented recently…I have all my scraps sorted by colors into two binders (I use full sheet protectors with a piece of white paper in there to separate the front and back of the protector). This is an awesome way to see what you have each time, and it made me clean out (by recycling) some of the scraps when I reorganized. Another tip is to always be okay with changing what is not working and getting rid of things you no longer love in your space. Rhonda :)

  16. April says

    Love your space!! It looks great…One thing I do to keep things organized is by buying the containers in the craft department that are meant for holding beads. They have about 16 or 17 compartments in them and they’re perfect for cardstock alphabets, buttons, eyelets, brads, small flowers, etc. I have like 5! ;)Thanks for a chance to win!- April

  17. Dettao says

    First of all, I LOVED listening to your soft southern accent. I would loved to have seen you, too. You certainly have a LOT of stuff, girl. Great job on the organizing. Do not enter me for any raks, sweetie. I have plenty…

  18. Chelsey says

    I loved the video! It is nice to be able to hear your voice! I really love your space. You have really creative ways for storage – especially for your stamps.I have seen several ways to organize ribbon. I noticed one person who cut rain gutters in half, put them on the wall and then the ribbon spools sat right inside. Another idea would be to get a small shelf (couple of dollars at craft store) and drill a hole for a dowel rod to hang from the bottom of it. Then slide all of your ribbon on the rod.Personally, I store my ribbon in one of those plastic containers that have dividers (they are made for beads I think). I take everything off of the spools and place them in my container. This way, I can see them all at once. I don’t have a lot of ribbon, so that works for me and the spools just created a big mess I had to dig through constantly.

  19. ~Telah says

    I noticed you said in the video that you do not yet have a good storage for your ribbon. I just bought the Pull-EZ ribbon bag for mine. I love it because it’s clear and you can see what you are looking for. I also use a lot of photo boxes that you can pick up at HL when they are half price. I store stamps, flowers, buttons and chipboard in them.

  20. Allie says

    How cool! I love that you did this – it’s great to see other spaces. I might have to do one of mine. :) Especially love your hooks.My fave new organization tip… I recycled an old Rolodex to be an inspiration resource. I’ve been clipping all the sketches from the magazines and gluing them onto the Rolodex pages. They’re separated by # of photos. SUPER easy to flip through and it’s compact.

  21. Tracy says

    I’m all about organization. Everything has to have a place. My favorite organizer is the wide 8 pocket file case I got a Wal-mat for $7. It is perfect fot storing thickers, rub ons and other types of thin alphas.

  22. Tricia says

    first of all I think you have THE cutest accent ever! It makes me grin from ear to ear! I love your area and I love how everything is so accessible. I store all of my brads in a big jar, glass, that I can see and sort through. I have one for buttons too. I hang ribbons on their spools on curtain rods and the long or irregular peices of ribbon I have sorted by color and made hanging tags that go on rings on the rod.

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