My Scrapbook Space.

Here is the big picture. I have some alphabetical labels, but some are kind of hard to see in the picture. All of the letters follow this big picture, but I have included a few closer photos as well.

A. My curtain rod storage system. I did a post about these recently. I spent around $5-$8 on them, and that includes the curtain rod, clips, and metal rings. I love these. I have some stickers and rub-ons. I like having so much stuff in sight and easily accessible.

B. On top of the white shelf, I have a basket that I use for storing chipboard. I have some more chipboard in an “overflow” area, but this is the majority of the chipboard that is my “favorite” or newest and that I might use most often.

C. A clear bowl with loose buttons. I keep most of my buttons in packages and stored elsewhere, but those are a few loose ones and it’s nice to have them there. Plus, nice to have a place to put loose ones if I get them out and don’t use them.

D. Some completed albums. I got this white bookshelf at Big Lots. The albums hang slightly off the edge, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

E. I also have a couple of binders w/ stickers and some idea books/mags stored on this bookshelf. Most of my ideas are cut from magazines and stored elsewhere, but these are some that I haven’t done that with yet.

F. This is a shelf that my husband fashioned for me. He made it from a piece of wood that he just happened to have lying around and some brackets. Again, very inexpensive. On this shelf I store a lot of smaller sized embellies and some recycled baby food jars that I altered to store some small flowers and other embellies.

G. Thickers! I have my thickers stored on metal rings and hanging on 2 hooks, right above my workspace. I use thickers all.the.time, so it really works for me to have them in a place where they are easily accessible and right at my fingertips.

H. This is my Cropper Hopper rolling cart/12×12 hanging file system. It is right at my side, and stores all of my newest/favorite papers. I love having them, again, at my fingertips (are you seeing a theme here???)

I. On top of my workspace, I have a basket that holds my printed pictures. I do not have a photo printer, nor am I near a place that prints photos, so I get all mine printed using an online print service, which means I order usually around 100 prints at a time once a month, so I keep them all organized in this basket while they are awaiting to be scrapped.

J. My workspace. It’s definitely not the best desk, but it has served me well for the past 3 years or so, and I’m not complaining. Although I would like to have a nicer, sturdier one eventually. Sitting on my workspace I have: 2 sets of drawers, which hold a bunch of brads, self-adhesive gems, stickles, and adhesives that I use most often. I also have a couple of border punches and a little cup with some pens/pencils/scissors.

K. My clear stamps are stored in CD cases, labeled by theme. The red bins that hold them are made for holding CD’s I believe, I purchased 3 of them for storage at Target or Wal-Mart on clearance for just a couple dollars each.

L. In this cubby I have a couple of baskets. One contains an overflow of pens and some glue sticks, while the other holds some things I may need like a snack, lotion, carmex, tissues, hair ties, etc.

M. In this cubby I have my paints and liquid adhesives. I don’t have many of them, so they fit nicely into that little cubby, along with some sponges for applying them, and some acetate packaging that I have recycled to use w/ painting.

N. 6×6 papers, and 4×6 mat stacks fit nicely into this little cubby.

O. I have some Priority mailing boxes (recycled, of course) that I painted to hold some older kits and papers. On the shelf above these, I have 3 bins that I purchased at the dollar store, for about $1 each I believe. They hold ribbons, buttons, and felt respectively. The bookshelf that these sit on also came from Big Lots/Target/Wal-mart. Albums will hang off the edge about an inch or so, but 12×12 papers fit perfectly, so it works for me. I have had it for several years.

P. This is a 12×12 vertical storage file that I use to hold my inspiration. I finally came to terms with the fact that, although it’s a nice thought to keep magazines in their entirety, (1) Ideas get “old” and (2) I never used them! So, I decided to start cutting out the ones I liked/could use and recycling the rest of the mags. This is where I store the inspiration I have kept. I paste the cut-outs onto cardstock and then I have them grouped together with metal rings based on th number of photos on a particular layout.

Q. My cardstock, in a nice rainbow of colors. It felt great to get my cardstock out of the “stacks” and get it organized by color. It makes things so much easier!

R. Another set of plastic drawers. I have heard some people don’t like these much, but I love them, and most of mine I have had anywhere from 5-10 years, so they are lasting pretty well for me. In this set, I have some more flowers (yet another thing that I have in about 3-4 places in my room), my inks and stamping blocks, and some stamps that haven’t yet been put into CD cases.

S. Two more sets of drawers. In these I have: ghost/clear shapes, journaling spots, more ribbon, 2 drawers worth of metal/misc. embellies, vellum quotes.

T. Here are a bunch of layouts that I haven’t yet put into albums…yikes!

U. My storage bin that holds a lot of themed items, and one drawer that has a couple of kits.

And now we back track a bit:

V. A magazine box that holds the majority of my alpha stickers (except for the thickers). I like being able to flip through them and for them to be stored vertically.

W. In this bookshelf I have: 8×8 paper pads, more drawers, which contain: pens, die cuts, decorative scissors, sewing tools, tools, etc. I also have a little red bin which contains my punches. I don’t have very many, so they all fit in their just fine. In another of the red bins, I keep some mini albums and mini album kits-another thing that is kind of scattered throughout my room. I also keep my trimmers in this little bookshelf.


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