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This was my tutorial for the last “Totally Techniques” on Serendipity Scrapbooks. There are awesome techniques & projects posted every Tuesday, so you should head over there and check them out…

Here is my project. The idea is to create your very own challenges. So, you’ll write things on the papers (techniques, products, color combos, etc) and then draw out 1 or a few to inspire your next layout.

-Empty Prima Bucket (or other container)
-Patterned Paper
-Scissors (for curling the paper slips)
-Embellishments of your choice (for decorating your container)

Step 1: Decorate your container
The sky is the limit here! I chose to use KI Memories Bloom papers for my project, because the color combination is so unique and bold that it is inspiring in and of itself! Kristen has some of these left in the store too (Bloom, Fly Away, and Sparklers). Use your imagination to make your bucket beautiful and inspiring!

Step 2: Create your “challenges”
Cut slips of paper from your patterned paper, approximately 1″ x 3″ although the sizes can vary. This is a great way to use up some paper scraps! I like to use double sided papers, so that you don’t see the “white” underside of a one sided sheet. I made 50 sheets, with 50 different inspirational ideas.

Some ideas for challenges:
-Products you love (patterned paper, felt, flowers, bling)
-Products that are a challenge or that you rarely use (decorative pins, staples, ribbons, etc.)
-Techniques (Distress ink, tearing, painting, etc.)
-Color Combinations
-Techniques or products you’d like to try
-Products you tend to hoard–use that stash!
-Journaling prompts
-Again, the sky is the limit here :) They don’t even have to be grand challenges, just jot down a little one-word product or something that you’d like to use.

Step 3: Curl your slips of paper
Using scissors, curl your slips of paper so that the word is inside, and the other pattern is outside. You could also just fold them, but I like the look of the curled papers inside my clear bucket.

Step 4: Put it all together!
Add your curled papers to your bucket and you’re ready to get some inspiration! The next time you are stumped or feel like you’re in a rut, just draw out 2-3 (or more if you REALLY want a challenge) to use on your layout…

Happy Scrapping! If any of you create your own bucket of inspiration, I would love to see it!


  1. Georgina, says

    that is a good idea! I have a lot of those cans waiting for something to happen to them! This is perfect.

  2. Sarah says

    Hi Crystal! I am so excited to be on your team for the next round of Scrap Whispers because I love your blog! I had so much fun last time, and know I will again! See you on the site!

  3. Sigmagirl says

    I love this idea and need to do this for my kids at school next year. SO when they tell me “I don’t know what to do in my journal” I can have them pick an idea! FABULOUS!

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