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First of all, Scrapbooks, Etc. is my FAVORITE Scrappy magazine by far. I just love every issue that comes out! And, Make It Yours is one of my favorite columns. I always wish though that I could be one of the people on the inside who got a chance at those scraplifts. Now, everyone can be because they made that column be for reader submissions, which I am just so excited about! So, here is my layout, inspired by Vicki Boutin’s “Boo” layout. I just love the shaped paper, and the design was not something I would think of for myself, but I really like how it turned out. I rotated it to accomodate a horizontal picture.

Anyway, HERE is a link to the call, and here is my Vicki Boutin inspired layout…I’ve always been hesitant to submit because of the huge amount of rejection involved, but I’m trying to get over that…I mean, yeah my chances aren’t good either way, but they go up dramatically if you actually submit!


  1. Lisa Dorsey says

    LOL love those pictures Crystal! I LOVE your take on the inspirations layout. Yay for you on submitting. Just submit it and forget it. You never know what they are looking for. It took me forever to get into Scrapbook Etc. Good luck girlie!

  2. jacque4u2c says

    Cha-ching girl! This is awesome! I am so proud of you for submitting it! You have awesome talent and it needs to shown off! Keep it up – trust me, it will pay off!

  3. Kate says

    I love that pic of him kissing the fish…FUNNY!Yup, submitting does greatly increase your chances. Just remember just pick what they like no real reflection on your skill or the layout just a matter of fit and taste.

  4. Stacey Michaud says

    I agree that Scrapbooks Etc. is the best! It is a dream of mine to be in their one day! Great layout!!!!

  5. Michelle says

    Crystal, This Lo is beautiful! Congrats on being published! I haven’t submitted to any of the magazines yet, just an Ezine that I did get published at. Just wanted to say Hi! Hope you are having a great week! Blessings, Michelle H.

  6. jacque4u2c says

    Just wanted to let you know you inspired and motivated me to get off my duff and submit a layout too. I gave you a shout out and posted my layout on my blog today – go check it out if you have time. Also, I wanted to let you know I really like the other layout you submitted too – it is GREAT! Thanks for the motivation!!!! ;o)

  7. Anonymous says

    It’s meeeee :) I hope you know who ‘me’ is :)I am really impressed with your scrapbook pages. Seriously. They’re all awesome!

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