Friday Spotlight #3: A Page 4 All Seasons.

Not long ago, I discovered this fabulous site through Dee Gallimore-Perry’s blog. I was really glad I did because A Page 4 All Seasons is a fabulous store, and Shyloh is super to work with as well!

Some of the perks of the store:

-Beautiful pre-designed page kits…the layouts you can make with these are just stunning;
-Great deals on a ton of scrapbooking products;
-Product Kits;
-$4.99 flat rate shipping on all orders (or FREE for over $75!)

I worked with the April Product Kit and I just can’t say enough good things about it! I love the concept of getting several mini-kits in one big kit. And, the price is great…such a great value, and there is enough product to make several layouts with each mini-kit…And, the best part is that with a sub, the product kits are only $25 AND, you get a coupon for 20% off all store purchases while you are a subscriber! How cool is that!

Here are some of the things I created with this kit:

Some of you may remember my “Butterfly Bush” layout from a couple of weeks back. I added letter stickers, ink, and stickles. Everything else came straight from the beautiful MME portion of the April product kit!

I also used the MME portion of the April product kit to create these 2 mother’s day brag books for my mom and MIL. It folds out and I added pictures of Caeden to the inside. I decided to experiment with a couple of different closure styles. I did something similar for Father’s Day last year, but decided to change it up a bit, and thanks to Jen Davis because one of her projects inspired just the twist I needed!

And, here is a layout featuring Basic Grey Marrakech. Again, I added stickles, ink, and letter stickers but everything else was included in this fabulous kit :)

I still have PLENTY of leftovers from both of these lines AND some other items (Fancy Pants papa collection and coordinating embellies). I just had more yummy products than time!!! I’m still hoping to work with the rest of the kit though because I just love it!

And, now for the GIVEAWAY!!! Shyloh has very generously agreed to donate a product kit!!! Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed! All you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment with your best idea for a spring/summer photo op…we could all use ideas for picture taking :) I will take comments through Wednesday and announce the winner on Thursday.

AND, be sure to visit the BLOG for A Page 4 All Seasons and thank her for offering up a product kit for us :) And, I think she will be doing a giveaway on her blog as well, so that means 2 chances to win!


  1. Ashley M says

    I dont have any kids yet but if i did I would bring them to a park that had a very colorful swing set with lots of attachments like a slide and netting and monkey bars… and photograph action shots of them on the different things… or I would use the pool and some floaties to get great water shots for summer!!!! Flowers are always a great spring item to photograph too!

  2. Vanessa says

    Bring your kids to somewhere with really long grass, and maybe some wildflowers, and get pictures of them having fun hiding in the grass.

  3. Diana says

    My fave summer pictures are always the ones of my son sitting on the edge of the crawl-through tube on the playground. Great colors and lighting. (Thanks for the giveaway chance!)

  4. Leesa says

    If my baby were to be born in the spring, I’d lay him in a radio flyer wagon and have him in a field of flowers. I could even do this with a non-crawling baby, too. I would edit the photo to make it look vintage. Thank you for the chance at winning your giveaway!

  5. Herb, Emily, and Logan says

    Spring: I think anywhere there are flowers where you can just plop the kids in the middle and take the pictures from above would be great! You can also take up close pictures of their hands holding the flowers. I live in california and many people put their kids near the poppys when they come out and they are just beautiful! Summer ones: I think anything with water! I just took some pictures of my son playing with the hose and of him spraying it everywhere! its great when your camera makes the water stop also so you can see the ripples in the water.p.s. i saw your thread on 2peas! thanks for letting us have a chance to win something! :D

  6. Lisa T. Howard says

    Gotta say my favorite Spring photo op involves a trip to my dad’s farm. The grass is so green and the sunshine so bright! Just the idea of being outside, climbing around in the barn, enjoying the beautiful scenery…makes me smile! Thanks for the chance to win and I will be certain to drop by Shyloh’s blog and site!

  7. Lisa T. Howard says

    Oh my! I just jumped right over to the other site and forgot to mention my adoration for your most recently posted layout! But of course you know I’m your biggest fan! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

  8. Jocelyn says

    I just love all the creations! I am off to check out the site!!!! Photo ops for the Spring and Summer….I love to take the boys outside in the evening…the best time to take pics and do simple things like blowing bubbles, a visit with the ice cream man or frozen pops, a walk in the wagon, even watering the flowers and the fun we can have with the hose!!!! I just adore this time of year because we often visit the nearest park and just seeing the boys enjoying the swings and sliding board!!! Hoping you have a wonderful and creative weekend, sweet friend!

  9. Rebecca says

    I let my kids play in the yard, gear up the telephoto lens and just snap away while they play. Lots of smiling faces and fun candids that way. :)

  10. Toby says

    I know we won’t have another photo op like last year…but I want some more photos of my teen and adult kids at a beach! We had so much fun in Florida and was a first trip for my kids! My DD got married and we just had a blast. Great pics! This year…I think we are hitting a Ren Faire. NOW to remember my camera!!

  11. Debbie says

    For the summer I would like some photos of the kids just lounging around. In a hammock eating a popsicle or drinking. Just relaxing and enjoying the freedom to do nothing! So rare in our lives. (instead we will do photo shoots of moving vans, boxes and building a pool!)

  12. JenHuedy says

    For spring, I love pics of my boys helping me in the garden. We all have so much fun! And although they’re getting older, they do still love to play with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Frankly, even I have grown out of those things!

  13. Anonymous says

    The zoo is a great place for photo ops for family of all ages! There is usually a lot of diverse landscaping, and of course, the animals as a backdrop are the perfect touch!Jamie H

  14. Georgina, says

    Great kits Crystal. I’m just off to her blog to look in more detail. The ideal summer shot is in the evening, whilst the sun is still shining and its still warm out but the sun isnt glaring so much that everyone is squinting. BBQ’s and paddling pools in the garden when everyone is relaxed are great shots. Sigh – roll on summer

  15. Adelle says

    T-Ball/Baseball pictures! My daughter missed her first t-ball pictures last week, so, I’ve decided to take them in the front yard right next to the flowers we just planted! I imagine, they’ll probably be better than any picture their coach would take! :)

  16. helenoftroy97 says

    I love taking pictures of my two little toddlers playing with chalk on the sidewalk, poking at bugs, flying kites, playing in their kiddie pool, and playing baseball with daddy. I discovered the Chalk it Up layout in a magazine and tried it out, using accent pictures of just my little one’s fingers wrapped around the chalk.Love hearing everyone’s ideas.–Robin

  17. Tiffany says

    Best Spring/Summer photo op? The pool! I love the action shots, the kids having a blast, and the great colors from the water to the bathing suits and pool toys!

  18. silvia says

    My idea for a spring photo op is to get pics of baby animals. I just LOVE going to the pond near our home and watching the baby ducks.

  19. Anonymous says


  20. HawtPeenk says

    We have a botanical garden here in my city and the setting is wonderful for spring/summer pictures!

  21. Calia Yang says

    if you’re taking a vacation to the beach – the beach would be a great spot and the kids’ realm in building castles or collecting shells. Also just taking the kids to the park. We are about 1 hr away from the Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA and it would be such a great place to take pictures.

  22. samiam says

    I live in Texas, so in the spring bluebonnets popup like wildflowers and I love to get pictures of my daughter sitting in a field of bluebonnets. It has become a yearly tradition for us. And it is super neat to see how she has changed each year. In summer I love to get close up pictures of her blowing bubbles in the grass, or catching them.

  23. Sandy says

    I love photos of youngsters with an ice cream cone or using an ice cream maker. That only happens in the spring and summer. I also love beach photos – with a pail and a shovel, or walking with toes in the water! TY for the opportunity to win.

  24. ~*~ Stephanie ~*~ says

    If I would have seen this earlier today I would have said the park/flowers…. but while my son and I were out we drove by the local mall and they are setting up rides for the spring festival… and so I think that will be a wonderful photo op for us … getting him on a ride or getting on the ground and taking a photo of him standing with one of those giant rides up behind him!!

  25. Candace says

    What says summer better than swimming? :) I think the best photo op would be of kids swimming or playing at the beach.

  26. Sunny_day_09 says

    HI!!! My fav photo op in summer will always be kids playing in the sunset on a beach or a couple walking! They always come out beautiful.

  27. April says

    My idea for this summer is going to be WATER pics! I always forget my camera when we go swimming and I’m going to make sure I get some shots this time around…Thanks for the chance to win!- April

  28. Anonymous says

    I would have to say BBQ and picnic pictures hands down! I love to see pics with children having watermellon, ice cream or various condiments messying up their face and clothes. Thats a sign of a great day!!

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