Product Mayhem!

Okay, this was one of my special challenges over at Serendipity Scrapbooks for the May Mayhem month-long crop. It was tough, but so much fun at the same time!

Here are the details. You have to have someone else (preferably a non-scrapper) randomly pick out the following items for you to make a kit of sorts:
-3 patterned papers
-1 set of alphas
-5 embellishments

You MUST use everything in the kit, at least in part (so if it’s a whole pack of embellies, you have to use at least 1 from the pack, at least some of each paper, etc.)–you can’t leave anything out. And, you can’t add anything either, except ink if you want. So, your kit is what you get. My husband picked mine out for me and he swears it was random, even though some things kind of match, like the papers. Although I think he just got them all from the same package b/c that’s how I store my papers–by manufacturer and collection.

Anyway, here is the kit I had to work with:

And, here is my completed layout. If you have any questions about how I used something or how I did something using only the products there, please feel free to ask.

This was such a fun challenge though, and the submitted layouts so far have been very creative and just great. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun with it. I would LOVE for some of you to participate! Feel free to sign up for the challenge over at Serendipity Scrapbooks, or just do this one and show me your results and kit.

Also, I have to share that I got my July/August Memory Makers Magazine. It was very exciting to see my layout in print, and also to see lots of friends in there as well! There are some great layouts in this issue, which makes me all the more sad that they are ceasing publication after the Sept/Oct issue :(
My layout is one of the many featured in the Reader Idea Gallery. The topics were firsts and new beginnings. As I flipped through that section and read the journaling on the layouts featured there, it really struck me how much of our lives we put into our pages. I got a little sentimental with these ladies as I read about their trials, triumphs, and new beginnings. It’s awesome how much we can share through this hobby–both with each other and with our families present and future. It is amazing to me the things that I can express through my journaling and pages that my family might not otherwise readily see.

Finally, don’t forget the weekly spotlight and giveaway post (Lisa T. Howard, you especially should check out this entry…), and get yourself registered, you can comment every day through Thursday. And, more exciting news concerning my spotlights, this week’s spotlight post is featured on Scrap Scene today! Please feel free to go over there for a little visit and leave my post some lovin :)


  1. KarenSue says

    I’ll be looking for your lo, when I get my mag…and I love your layout! maybe I’ll play, have my mom pick some stuff for me!

  2. Colleen says

    Great layout and congrats on the pub! Awesome! Saw your article on ScrapScene and it’s great! Totally agree!

  3. shopgirlaudi says

    I saw your LO in the latest issue of MM this past weekend. I was like…”Ah!!!…it’s Crystal”. Gongrats!!!

  4. Audrey says

    congrats on the pub — that’s great!really cute layout you made too — I love challenges like this.

  5. Suz says

    Congrats I’m sure that’s exciting to have that magazine in hand are you pinching yourself girl! That’s even more special since the magazine is winding down.You’re very talented I hope good things keep coming your way

  6. Pamela says

    Cool challenge! I love your layout! And congrats on the pub, I will check it out when I get my MM in my hands. :) Have a great day!

  7. Jocelyn says

    Looks like sooooo much fun!!! You did an awesome job!!!! Congrats on the pub!!!! I will check it out too when I get my mag!!!!! Have a wonderful day sweet friend!

  8. Kate says

    Great layout! congrats on the publication. Sad MM is going out too! They were the first ones to publish me.

  9. matts_mom_shari says

    hi! can you please tell me what king of “bug” paper you used? we just took my son to the bug fair and he bought a millipede…that paper would be just perfect!!! thank you, shari :)

  10. Lisa T. Howard says

    Hi Crystal! I don’t know where to start…so much to say! First of all, I have been planning to check out your Friday spotlight. I ALWAYS love to see what you feature. I have been CRAZY busy at work this week and I just haven’t gotten to it yet. BUT! But now, you have my curiosity piqued! It will be my very next stop! Promise!That layout and challenge is way too awesome! I think it’s cool your hubby picked the products for you. Keith would have done the exact same thing for me. Don’t you love it when your guy “gets” something you are passionate about…even when it is TOTALLY foreign to him? lol! You did a wonderful job with these products. Of course, you can turn any challenge into a masterpiece!I didn’t know Memory Makers is almost a thing of the past. Bummer! I LOVE that mag! I will be sure to seek you out!And I need some massive amounts of uninterrupted time to play on the Serendipity site. I LOVE going there, but I feel like I get lost in a maze. So much to see and read about. I haven’t mastered, the “art of forums” yet. I guess it intimidates me a little. lol. But I am determined to figure it out. THEN, you will get sick of seeing my mug there! lol!And yes, yes, double yes! If you EVER get to TN, you have to call. I would LOVE to meet you IRL!!! I have a weekend get-away (it’s only a camper but weekend get-away sounds so much better) in Gatlinburg! If you are ever looking for a great family vacation spot, this campground is it. They rent campsites as well as campers…park models. That’s what I have. My kiddos LOVE it there. They even hold vacation Bible school type day camp and Sunday morning church services there.Oh my, I’ve done it again. I’ve written a novel. So I’ll sign off and scroll on over to your Friday post! ***HUGS***

  11. ellen s. says

    ok, why do i have to go after lisa who talks so much? Lmbo! i love your layout and the mayhem challenge. so clever!

  12. Linda Rodriguez says

    What a neat challenge – great layout!! And very cool that your DH picked everything out for you. Congrats on the pub!

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