One of the most fun things for me about being the parent of a baby/toddler is how much wonder they can find in everything. Especially Caeden. He just has such an inquisitive personality. He is kind of quiet, especially in new situations and surroundings and he just likes to take everything in.

It’s something that we tend to lose through the process of life and growing into adults. But, seeing a little one react with such wonder to everything just kind of reminds me to stop taking things for granted and really see the miracles that surround me every day.

This is one of my favorite recent layouts. I created it using some of the papers available in the Scrapperie Spring into Summer kit. I also discovered a little secret about the distressing. My CM trimmer is getting really dull and I haven’t ordered a new blade yet. So, every time I make a cut I am stuck cutting off frayed edges. So, for this layout I just decided to leave the frayed edges, and it turned into a nice distressed look. Hate that my trimmer is giving me fits right now, but I love it when a mistake can be turned into something that works :)

And, speaking of wonder and miracles, as a pregnant woman, I feel like I am a walking miracle every day. So, I thought I would break down and share a couple of pictures that we took last week.


  1. amy says

    cuuuute pics! enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy. it truly is a miracle, each and every little life.

  2. Sarah Hodgkinson says

    Great layout! I don’t think I ever posed (well) when I was pregnant. You look great!

  3. jillconyers says

    what fun pics! it seems like yesterday when i was pregnant (loved it) and the mom of a toddler :)now I’m off to try your threading water punch tip. tfs!

  4. Linda Beeson says

    And you are looking totally adorable! I am so loving what you said about your little guy and the wonder and those photos because that is exactly what we are living here with our youngest grandson who is just over one year!

  5. Jocelyn says

    Love the LO Crystal and you are so right….what our little ones take in is amazing!!! The things that just pass us by as adults….. Oh your pics are gorgeous!!!!! You look stunning!!!! Enjoy this wonderful gift!!!!! Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend, sweet friend!

  6. Rach H says

    Beautiful layout! I love the accidental awesome of the edges. Also, you are too cute!! Love the skirt!

  7. Lisa Dorsey says

    That layout is just fabulous Crystal and you my dear are adorable. I wish I would have looked that cute when I was pregnant!

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