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First of all, some news… My 6 month term at Scrapwhispers was up, and I decided not to stay on for another term. It is a little sad, because Georgina has been just amazing to work with! She is a great encouragement, and she is so understanding and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better DT experience!

Which brings me to this–Georgina is having a call for a new designer to add to the team! It is a lot of fun, and I hope that some of you will apply! HERE is the info about the call, and HERE is the main Scrap Whispers blog, and HERE are the forums. Since it is a challenge site, the compensation is a lot of gratitude from Georgina, DT experience, a link on the blog back to your blog, and the opportunity to participate in a wonderful, growing challenge community, along with a welcome package of supplies when you first sign on :) It’s a great gig!

And, speaking of Scrap Whispers, the big reveal was this weekend! So, I can finally share my layout. I’ve been pretty excited about it :) I’m usually not very “shabby chic” or anything, and this is the closest thing I’ve ever done to a “heritage” type of layout, so I was pretty excited to do this style that was kind of out of the box for me.

This layout is in memory of my beloved “mamaw” who passed away almost 6 years ago :( We were really close and I still miss her so much, and regret the fact that she never got to meet my husband or son(s).

And, we are back in KY now! Was glad to see that bluegrass and mountains, let me tell you…12 days is a long time to be away, and now we’re struggling to get back into the swing of things–unpacking, laundry, etc. So glad to be back to our own routine though!

And, of course, don’t forget about this week’s giveaway for Scrapbuck.com products! Head over to Friday’s spotlight post to get entered.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Jocelyn says

    What a wonderful Lo and tribute to your Mamaw!!! So sad to see you Scrap Whispers, but I know that you have new opportunities and I wish the very best!!!! So glad that you are home safe!!! Coming home always feels so good!!! Thanks for your wonderful comments and have a Terrific Tuesday!!!!!

  2. Lisa T. Howard says

    Glad you are home Crystal! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello over the weekend. I think the IE problem must be fixed. I haven’t been booted off anyone’s site today. But now I am sooooo behind in catching up with everyone. I’m feeling your “gotta catch up” pain. lol!Hate to see you leaving Scrap Whispers. Especially since I just started my challenge blog ventures. I certainly understand your need to slow things down with your second little one soon to arrive.Thought about you lots while I was in Gatlinburg! Sure wish you had been there. We will have to work that out for sure.Love this layout…your Mamaw’s photos are beautiful…such a gorgeous lady! Hope you are getting settled back into your routine. XOXO!!!

  3. Suz says

    Glad you are all back safe & sound!Thanks for visiting my blog. I sure did get a lot of love over the weekend with the CFH blog hop. The winners post is up so you wouldn't get lost in the crowd now

  4. Sarah says

    What a wonderful layout. I love seeing our progression. I’m going to have to think about trying out for the Scrapwhispers team. I sure do love the challenges. Glad you’re home and settling back in.

  5. Kara Ward says

    Great Blog…so glad it was featured today on Scrapscene. Love the ideas and the beautiful colors! Kara

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