My baby is growing up… (and lollipop flower tutorial)

I’ve seen similar flowers before, but wasn’t really inspired to make them until I found these Cosmo Cricket papers, which just lend themselves so well to little circle flowers. I’m sure many of you may have seen similar tutorials before, but I was making them anyway, so I thought…why not go ahead and take a few step-by-step pics as I go…

Here are the supplies you’ll need…2-3 different papers, and an edge distresser. I chose these papers because I could easily just cut out the circles:

Cut out 3-4 circles in various sizes. I think mine range from about 1/2 inch to 2 inches. The best part is that you’ll be distressing them anyway, so it totally doesn’t matter if your circles are perfect and straight or not…so just get out the scissors and start cutting circles!

Once you have all your circles cut out, go around the edges with a distresser. You can use scissors as well, but I have to say that, for me, using a distresser is much easier and you can get them for like $1-$2.
Then, stack them. I made mine be a little off-centered in the stacking just to make it more “fun.” And, here is my finished product:

And, here is a layout using one of these little guys :)
As a mother it is so crazy to watch your children grow up before your eyes. I watch Caeden and more and more I catch glimpses of a little boy where my baby used to be. It’s so crazy. Already he makes me so proud!
We always pray before meals. Usually if I’m alone, I just pray silently, but when Caeden as born, God brought to mind that I needed to pray out loud with him so that he would start to learn what I was doing and why. As he got older, he has become more involved and I have taught him to hold hands during prayer. So, I would always say, “Hold mama’s hand” and then we pray before we eat. We do this as a family now.
Well, this morning, Chad and Caeden were eating breakfast together and Chad said that when he put the food on the table and got Caeden in his chair ready to go, Caeden held out his hand to pray! I am just beside myself this morning, it made me so happy! To know that I have actually taught him something and to know that even at such a young age, he is learning to thank God and praise Him for his blessings and to ask His blessing on our meals and lives.
I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday :)


  1. Blessed Ladybug says

    Ilove this page i love boy layouts, ell let me say i’m more pron to them cause i have two boys and no girl to even take poictures of… Thanks for sharing…

  2. Lisa Dorsey says

    Wonderful layout Crystal and love that story about praying. God does so many good things through our sweet children doesn’t he? :)

  3. Jen Martakis says

    That is so wonderful Crystal. What a proud moment for you. :)Love your layout and love the flower tutorial.

  4. Sarah says

    What a great layout! I love your story about Caeden too. What a testimony to your faithfulness as a mommy! Isn’t God good?!

  5. Lisa T. Howard says

    Thanks for the mini tutorial…love yet another one of your creations! DUH! Don’t I love them all! lol! What a precious story to share. I can just visual a page with a photo of those tiny little hands clasped in yours preparing to give thanks. Make my heart melt.

  6. Georgina, says

    oh that is precious – I feel another LO coming on! I also love todays layout you have shared with us

  7. Jocelyn says

    How sweet that he put his hands together to pray….I would have been in tears!!! I adore the LO!!!!!! Cosmo Cricket rocks and I love the flowers. Thanks for the tutorial!!!! Happy Wednesday!

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