baby Logan is here!

Well, Baby Logan made his appearance yesterday morning at 7:16 AM. He weighed 9 lbs, 8.3 oz. He is 21.5 inches long. I am writing this from a web TV kind of thing at the hospital.

I went to my nephew’s birthday party yesterday, and here is baby Logan tucked inside…

Baby Logan


So far I am feeling much better than I did the first time I had a C-Section and I praise God for that.

However, baby Logan needs some prayers. When he was first born, they couldn’t get his sugar regulated, so I got to hold him for about 20 minutes and besides that he has been in the NICU. This morning, he started having seizures. They have done a lot of testing, including a spinal tap, CT Scan, EEG, etc. and so far everything has come back normal. They did find this morning that he had low calcium and sodium, which they said could have caused the seisures. He has been on a medication to stop the seizures. If he has anymore then they are going to have to transfer him to another hospital where they have a pediatric neurologist.

Please be praying for him.


  1. Chelsey says

    Congratulations. Glad you are feeling okay. i am praying for little Logan and for you and your husband.

  2. melissac says

    I am praying for Logan and you Crystal!! May the Lord watch over you both and heal the little one quickly!! Blessings and Hugs my friend!!

  3. Danielle says

    Congratulations on Baby Logan!! Praying for both of you!! Callie had a seizure when she a tiny baby from her sodium being low. She has never had another one. Love you girl!

  4. Sarah says

    Congratulations, Crystal! I am so excited for you, but will be praying for that sweet boy too. (his mama also!) God loves Logan even more than you do. Isn't that amazing? That's what I always tell God when I'm praying for my little ones. It's hard to believe, but He does, and Logan is in perfect hands. So happy to hear your wonderful news.

  5. VAWM says

    Crystal, I am praying for Logan! Congratulations to you Crystal! Congratulations to Caeden on being a new big brother!

  6. Cindy Coutts says

    Congratulations Crystal!! I am so happy for you. Danielle and I were just talking this morning about your upcoming C-section thinking it was later this week. I'll definitely keep baby Logan in my prayers. What a blessing he is going to be to you and your family. God bless you.

  7. Jocelyn says

    Congrats Crystal and welcome to the world Logan!!!! I am so happy for you and your family…he was a big boy!!!! I am sending prayers your way and will continue to do so and place him on the prayer list at our church!!! Please keep us updated!!! :)

  8. Lisa T. Howard says

    Oh Crystal…CONGRATULATIONS! I am so glad little Logan has made his entrance into the world. :) But I have tears in my eyes over the struggles he has been facing. I will be praying earnestly for him and for all of you. I will also share your request with several others. I love you dearly and I'm thinking about you. Sending you super BIG HUGS!!!!

  9. Carey says

    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S on your bundle of joy! Please keep us updated. Positive thoughts and hugs coming your way!

  10. Ashley M says

    COngratulations on baby Logan!!!! My hugs and prayers are with you and your family and the baby for a fast recovery!!!! Hoping Logan gets to go home with you soon!!!! xoxo :):):)

  11. Ali Rockwell says

    I'm so happy he is finally here! I will be praying for all of you. Congratulations on another beautiful boy!

  12. Georgina, says

    Congrats honey!! Im thrilled for you all. I am also praying hard ! Please keep us posted when you can.

  13. Ms. Cheryl says

    my 24 year old son was 11# 13 1/2 oz at birth and had low blood sugar resulting in seizures too. He spent 2 months in NICU and was 9 mos. old before we had a definitive diagnosis of Glycogen Storage Disease confirmed by a liver biopsy.He had to drink cornstarch mixed in milk every 4 hours for years.If the doctors have not consulted a pediatric endocrinologist yet be sure to insist on it. I had to be somewhat forceful but it was for my baby and it was the best move I made. The NICU doctors kept saying "We will give it a little mort time and IF we can't get it under control we will consult a pediatric endocrinologist( specialist in treating diabetes and other endocrine disorders)It's a waste of time!!! You have to have the specialist anyway so why wait!!! INSIST!!!!!Be proactive not passive. Every second now contributes to your child's future. ms.cheryl

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