For HIS Glory.

I’ve been sitting on this for a while because I wanted to wait until I got a layout made to share it. This is something that my pastor has really been sharing about a lot–faith. We say we have faith, but sometimes I think that we see the big miracles as a thing of the past. We know that Jesus healed people. We know he brought them back from the dead. We know of tons of awesome miracles that God performed throughout His word, and I’m sure that’s only a tiny percent of the things He has actually done throughout time. But, do we really believe for those things now?

The thing we have to remember is that He is unchanging. He is still that same God of miracles! And, He showed me that not too long ago. After Logan was born, I noticed a huge knot in my stomach. It was probably about the size of a golf ball, and of course I was worried about it. The doctor told me that it was a hernia and that, sorry if this is TMI, the knot was actually my intestines poking through the tear. I saw 2 separate doctors who tried every trick they could to put things back where they belonged. They were unsuccessful. So, it was pretty imperative for me to get the surgery done to repair that. Because when things are stuck like that and won’t go back in, that is when there is a potential for MAJOR problems.

I was only about 3 weeks out from my C-Section when I found out about this and the idea of going through surgery–being put under and then having the recovery period start all over–was hugely worrisome and discouraging. So, I asked my pastor to be praying for me.

He said that he had already prayed for me about it. He said that he prayed 3 times and every time God showed him that when he placed his hands on me and prayed for me, the hernia would be healed. Wow! Talk about going above and beyond what we ask for. I hadn’t even dreamed of asking God to heal the hernia without the surgery. I just wanted a safe surgery and some peace of mind throughout the process.

But, my church prayed for me 3 times, since that is what Doug (my pastor) saw. After the first time, the knot diminished greatly, to the point that I could barely even tell that it was there. Time went by and that tiny amount of a knot stayed there. One night, I was discouraged about it and starting to doubt, wondering if I should just go ahead and have the surgery–maybe Doug heard wrong or something. DH and I were making our way through Hebrews in our nightly studies and I read this verse: “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

Wow. It was like God was speaking directly to me at that moment. By this time a week or so had past and my surgery appointment was coming up. I cancelled it. My surgery was scheduled for August 27th. That is the exact day that the knot went completely away. I thank God for helping me to have the faith enough to trust him, even when there was still a small outward sign that it was still there. Because if I hadn’t, then I would have gone through with the surgery unnecessarily.

That was over a month ago and I have had NO symptoms whatsoever of a hernia. I know there will be some of you who will probably think I’m a little crazy, and that’s okay :) I have to praise Him for what He did for me!

If you have a miracle to share that God has done in your life–big or small, please feel free to share! Let me praise with you :)

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