Has anyone seen my missing mojo?

My creative mojo is totally missing.  I think it is lost somewhere in the midst of the huge mess that is my scrapbook area right now and the 7 months worth of unprinted pictures currently hanging out on my desktop.  Yeah, you read that right–7 months.  I haven’t printed pictures, except for a couple here and there for assignments since June. Yes, that means that I have virtually NO printed pictures or layouts done of Logan.  The hinderance here is that I have so many great, fun pictures and so many great ideas.  But, the first step is to actually print the pictures.
Anyway, I did manage to get this layout finished for AWDML.  This is totally corny, but something that I had to document.  We always call Caeden our “little bear.” When he gets tired he “wallers” (otherwise known as “wallows” to some of you) like crazy.  So, Chad started calling him his little kowaller bear.  Maybe one of those things that you have to be us to appreciate, but that’s what scrapbooking is all about, right?  Also, I’m loving this monstrosity line from Sassafras.
And, speaking of Sassafras…I’ve been trying to avoid the CHA new releases, being that I’m kinda broke and scrapbooking isn’t so much a necessary expense.  But, I did catch a peek of some new Sassafras lines, and they are super-de-duper cute!
Oh yeah, forgot to mention…this is my 300th post! 


  1. Jocelyn says

    Oh when you find that Mojo…mine is hanging out with yours…send it back please!!!I have tons of pics to be printed…talk about a year of them!!!!Love the LO that you completed and yes…love that Sass!~~Have a great day! :-)

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