A lot has been going on here.  We took Logan to the doctor last week to get an EEG.  Found out yesterday that it was completely normal!   Yay :)  So, we have to take him tomorrow morning to consult his doctor and start weaning him from his phenobarb.  It’s one of those meds you can’t just stop taking.  That was a huge weight off our shoulders and thanks to everyone who was praying for him.
This week we are getting ready to go to Illinois to visit Chad’s parents before the craziness of fire season starts.  So, it’ll be a busy week.  I’m still working on several things, just trying to find time to do it.  My kiddos never sleep! Although Logan is actually napping right now and Caeden is allowing me to type this, that’s not the usual case.  And, Caeden will let me do some things, but not in my scrap room at all.
Also, some of you scrapping people may be able to give me some advice on a couple of things.  I’ve been looking at kits.  Trying to talk my hubby into a 6-month sub for me.  I’ve looked at several in terms of value and the quality of items–I looked at every kit in the list over at Willow Traders!  Anyway, I got down to the following list that I am now going to go back through:  Freehand Scraps, Kenner Road, Scarlet Lime, Studio Calico, My Creative Scrapbook, Noel Mignon, Scrapbook Doodle, Scrapbook Sussies, Scraptacular, The Scrap Room, Transparent Touches…Does anyone have any experiences to share about any of those?  Good or bad?  Any suggestions?
Also, I’m looking for some challenge sites for inspiration, if anyone has any challenge sites to suggest.
And, because I just have to include a picture, here is one of us from Christmas…just realized that I don’t think I ever shared it.
And, speaking of Christmas, here is a layout that I did for SNR’s Fancy Pants feature a couple months ago.  It was also featured in the November issue of the magazine in the sketch article, using a sketch by Carey Bridges.  I just loved the design of the sketch.

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