Are you a “Savvy Scrapper”?

I have been so excited to share this!  When I was working with SNR magazine, I wrote an article called Savvy Scrapper.  It was intended to be an ongoing monthly thing, so I might share some more of the ideas I had on my blog each month…we’ll see. 

Anyway, the idea is to be on a budget without having your projects look cheap.  Use packaging, make your own embellies, be a smart shopper, etc.  We are a one-income family and my scrapping budget is almost nonexistent.  And, that is what this article is about.  Here is a little sneak peek, but basically I made myself a little kit and then created all of these embellies and even had stuff leftover…anyone want to guess how much money I spent?  The kit included everything I needed to make all of these embellies and have stuff left over.

If you have access to the magazine and are interested in the article, you can find it HERE.

Also, be watching later this week for something fun :)

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