Bible Study: Philippians 1:1-8


Read: Philippians 1:1-8.

Key Verse: Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.  –Philippians 1:6

Digging Deeper: Overall, this verse is generally acknowledged to be speaking of salvation and sanctification, a work that will be complete in us when Jesus comes back.  However, this verse recently took on a new meaning for me as God used it to speak to me on a more personal level.

God’s word is living, and He can use His word (or anything else for that matter) to speak to us in a personally relevant way.

A couple of months ago, God gave me a promise.  He spoke into my spirit, and said that He was going to give me a new testimony.  You see, for most of my life I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety disorder/panic attacks.  I’ve also struggled with eating disorders and food addiction.  One night at church I was praying and God told me my new testimony is going to be freedom from those related issues.  Deliverance.  God began this work in me right then.  At that moment, I KNEW what God had spoken to me and I KNEW that I would be (WILL BE) delivered, as He said it.

Then comes life.  We live in a drive-thru, instant society.  After a couple of months, complete with worsening symptoms and naysayers, my conviction in that promise started waning.

What if I misunderstood.  Maybe I was right all those years and there really is no cure, no help?

That’s when He led me right to this verse.  He has begun a good work, and He will complete it.

Thanks to Jill Eileen Smith and her wonderful “Wives of King David” series (I really cannot say enough good things about these books!!!), I have recently been studying deeper into the life of this “man after God’s own heart.”

It’s truly fascinating!  If you study Psalms, you can find moments of peace, joy, and worship, but also moments of great pain and suffering even bordering on despair.

God made a promise to David when Samuel anointed him, a most unlikely choice, to be king.  After that, David defeated Goliath.  At that moment, he likely felt sure of himself and where he was headed as all the people lauded him for that victory.  God had clearly been with him in that battle, and David seemed to be headed in the right direction.  It’s easy to believe in God’s promise when it seems obvious, when things are going right.

Then, things got more complicated.  Saul made it his mission to kill David.  During this time, David didn’t live in a Palace for kings, but rather hid out in caves because he couldn’t even show himself in the country he was supposed to rule over one day.  Suddenly, things aren’t looking so peachy anymore.

That’s when we have to look to God.  If things went just right, if they always made sense, we might start thinking we had something to do with it.  God loves to do the unexpected.  We think we have things all figured out when we do not.

David would go through many trials, and it would be years (I’ve seen varying estimates, between 7 and 12 years), before he would see the fulfillment of God’s promise.

If God has made you a promise, hold on to it!  “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.”

Just like God kept his promise to David, a mere shepherd boy, that he would one day rule Israel.  If God said it, it shall be done, in HIS time, in HIS way, and to HIS glory.

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