My Workout Jar

This may look like just a money jar with a few (4 to be exact) dollar bills in it.  To me, it’s workout inspiration that has actually worked!  I saw the idea a few days ago (4 to be exact…seeing a trend?), on Pinterest .  I decided to give it a shot.  I’m planning to fancy it up a little bit if/when I get time, but for now it’s working.

I have quite a few pounds to lose (60, to be exact…don’t I wish that number were 4!).  I’ve been on a rollercoaster of trying to get my health under control for quite a while now, but I’m hoping this will be the time to stick!  I’m tired of letting food control my life.  I’m still not eating perfectly, but I have been working out, and binging less so that’s a start.

I’ve already got my eye on some new workout clothes when I reach my goal (my first goal is to lose 15 pounds), 5 of which are already gone after a couple weeks of eating moderately better and working out a little more often.

Pounds Lost: 5
Pounds to go to first goal: 10
Pounds to go to final goal (Healthy weight!):  60

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    • Crystal says

      Jean, all I do is put $1 in it every day that I workout :) Then, I set a weightloss goal, and once I meet the goal (like when I get $50 in there, or after I lose 15 pounds, or something like that), I get to spend it. It’s just a little extra motivation.

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