The Peaceful Home: Spring Cleaning

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned my commitment to providing a peaceful home for my husband to come home to.  Obviously, the idea of providing a peaceful home has many facets.  For my husband, a big part of that is having our home be clean and free from clutter.

I have found that a clean, clutter free home goes a long way in the peace of mind department.

However, since both of us tend to accumulate stuff, this isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish.  I have decided to confront the problem head on, through a major spring cleaning and decluttering effort.  I am greatly reducing the amount of stuff we have, and organizing/decluttering as I go.  My aim, for now, is to tackle one room or area per week, just until I get it under control and then I can hopefully get a normal cleaning schedule into my routineI have always been a minimalist at heart, now it’s time for my belongings and household to reflect that.

I have been working for a while toward this purpose, but have mostly focused my efforts on common areas, I’m trying to expand to the “hidden” areas–you know, where anything we don’t need or use goes to hide away.

I will update as I complete each area and hopefully take some before/after pictures…Bolded areas are done :)  Pink areas are linked to the coordinating post, most with before and after pictures.

1.  My closet/dresser
2.  The boys’ bedroom and closet
3.  Food storage-pantry, kitchen cabinets
4.  Food storage-fridge/freezers
5.  Utility/Laundry Room
6.  Spare Bedroom
7.  Spare bedroom closet
8.  Under the bed storage
9.  Kids/Guest bathroom
10. Master Bathroom d
11. Bookshelves


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