A Peaceful Home: The Toddler Room

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I mentioned here and here that I’ve committed myself to making our home more peaceful.  Obviously that means more than just keeping it clean, but for us, decluttering is a part of that.

I have also committed to sharing my BEFORE pictures, no matter how embarrassing they may be! So, here goes.  My boys share a bedroom.  Also, I have to say, their room wasn’t always quite this messy, but this day it was, probably because I let it go for a couple of days in anticipation of the fact that I was going to be doing a huge overhaul anyway:



A few notes:

1.  Too much stuff.  Yes, when all this stuff was put away, their room still looked neat, but overall, I felt like they didn’t need half of this stuff, so I did a MAJOR pare down.  I probably got rid of about 70% of the stuff in this room.

2. The TV.  I never really felt great about having a TV in their room, but my friend gave it to us when she got a new one, so I did it.  But I never really felt comfortable with it (even though the didn’t watch it much and when they did it was only DVD’s) so the TV is going bye-bye.

3.  Overflowing closet.  As I post more before and after photos, you’ll notice a recurring theme.  Closets get out of control fast around here, and usually end up to the point of avalanche.  Since they were “babies” (or at least used to be), I felt like they didn’t really need closet space, so I used it to store clothes that didn’t fit anymore, etc.  But, they would get in there and drag things out and we would dig around to find something, and it ended up looking like that.

4.  The walls.  I am terrible at choosing paint colors.  The color might look perfect on the card, but that never transfers to my walls.  Once it gets on the wall, it looks awful, and that’s what happened here.  This was painted when I was about 7 months pregnant with Caeden…since then things have been kinda crazy with being pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing, and having infant/toddlers…so I just now got around to fixing it.

5. Chaos.  So, I know that some people might say a peaceful home has nothing to do with it’s state of clutter or organization, but when I look at these pictures, it stresses me out.  It just gives a sense of chaos.

Now…here are the AFTER pictures:


Ahhh…isn’t that much better???

Like I said, I got rid of about 70% of the stuff in their room.  And as you can see, they still have plenty of stuff.  I put their stuff into the closet.  I actually moved the dresser in there for now.  They are actually currently sharing a dresser while we are getting rid of the old changing table dresser combo.  But, it works since summer clothes take up less room than winter clothes.

No t.v. anymore, which makes me feel good.  And, the pale blue walls look much better than the old colors.  I really wish their beds matched, but it’s really not worth spending that much money on a new bed when Caeden is about to outgrow the toddler bed anyway.

As you can see, I moved the beds around as well.  This actually works better for us because as you can see in one of the before pictures, we always had a problem with that rail falling off easily.  Now that it’s against the other wall, we use mostly the other rail, which is much sturdier.  After we get the changing table out of there (listed on craigslist and someone is supposed to come get it today), I might experiment with some other ways to arrange the room.

But, the bottom line is that with some of the clutter gone, the room is much more peaceful now!


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    Wow – what a great transformation! I am in the process of decluttering as well because we are looking at possibly moving/downsizing and I am trying to get a jump start. This is great motivation!

  2. says

    Kid’s rooms and play rooms are so difficult to keep clean. I appreciate you sharing your “before” pictures because then I don’t feel so alone when I look at our playroom! I have been trying to make it a habit, because we have an over abundance of toys from grandparents and such, to separate our toys. We keep a collection at our house and then another collection in storage so that when the kids grow weary of the ones in the house we’ll switch them out to the ones in storage, and its like Christmas all over again :)

    • Crystal says

      This is a really good idea! We’ve done that before too, by accident actually. We had some toys put away to get rid of and then we got them down and they were the boys’ new favorites! lol Thanks for not judging my “before” shots! :)

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    Great Job! And thanks for the real life photos! That kind of reality in a blog really encourages me more than the words because I’m reminded that I’m not outside the norm in my need to get better organized and beautified around my own home :)I found you on Raising Homemakers where I linked up as well.

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