Book Review: God Gave us You Boardbook


I recently got the opportunity to sign up as a reviewer for Waterbrook Press.  I was very excited to see that one of the books available for review was perfect for my boys.  Yay!

So, last week, we got a little surprise in the mail:  God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren; illustrated by Laura J. Bryant. 

The good points:  One thing I particularly loved about this book is the author’s use of repetition throughout to drive the point home.  I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and repetition is an important part of learning for them.  Nearly every part of the conversation ends with some form of “God gave us you.”  Since this is such an important message, I appreciated the repetition.

The illustrations in this book are darling!  And, overall, my boys and our family enjoyed the book.

Other Notes:  The book deals quite a bit with pregnancy.  Although it is done in a way that little ones can understand, parents might want to make sure it’s not more explicit than you’re prepared to be (the book discusses baby growing in mommy’s tummy, going to the doctor to hear a heartbeat, mommy feeling special signals when baby wants out, etc.).  This being said, I think the book could easily serve as a teaching tool for your child if you’re expecting another little one—it will reinforce that your child was a gift from God, while also explaining what’s to come with a new little one.

Also, while the book is supposed to be for ages 0-3, and it is a board book, I found some of the wording to be a bit awkward, especially for younger children like my 2 year old.

(Full Disclosure:  I received this book for free as a review copy from Waterbook Press.  However, all opinions stated in this review are distinctly my own.)

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