Setbacks and Motivation

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It has been a frustrating week for me.  I’ve been losing weight slowly but surely.  Sometimes the weight stays nearly the same for a couple of weeks, but that’s okay because overall the number is going down slowly and I’m feeling better, which is the important thing.  But this week hasn’t been such a great week.  Throughout my “getting healthy” plan for the last 7 weeks, I have mostly just worked out everyday (well, an average of 6 days a week), without focusing overly much on my eating habits.  I had some things I needed to improve there, but for the most part (aside from my snacking habits) my family eats fairly healthy foods anyway, especially since I stopped eating out.
Sunday I decided to give up sugar and pop (another weakness, but I was only drinking about 1/2-1 per day, and still wasn’t going over my calorie target).  By Tuesday, I had GAINED 1.8 pounds over my weight from last week’s weigh-in.
This was very discouraging, because this whole time I thought 2 things.  First of all, that the cause of any bloating was the carbonation in my caffeine free mtn dew.  And secondly that if I did give up the sugar then I would get a little boost as far as weight loss/inches is concerned, since most experts say that sugar adds to belly fat.  Now, I know it’s only been 3 days, and I wasn’t expecting miracle results, but I would like to be moving in the right direcation instead of backwards.
So, to tie in to our online weightloss group’s topic this week, setbacks really tend to drain my motivation!
And sometimes the process can be so confusing that it’s overwhelming.  I thought it was the carbonated beverages causing a lot of bloating/swelling, but apparently that wasn’t it.  I’ve already dealt with some of the common causes, but now I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of possible culprits so we’ll see how that goes.
The good thing is this: before, when I’d have a small setback, I was done.  I would give up and quit.  But now, my setbacks just make me want to work that much harder to figure this thing out.  I want to honor my body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  It’s just a matter of figuring out how to do that, and apparently a lot of trial and error. 
Throughout this process, I would have to say that my “getting healthy” board on pinterest has been my biggest motivation.  Yes, there are countless things that motivate me to want to lose weight, but I have tried this many times and those things have never been enough.  So, my inspiration board on pinterest has been a huge help.
Along with this, I know that God is helping me to overcome some of the obstacles that I couldn’t overcome before, and I thank Him for that, because I know that without His help, I wouldn’t be making progress and sticking with it.  I would be giving up and giving in to food just like I always did before.
This morning my weight is back to being closer to what it was last week, but I still wish it didn’t fluctuate quite so much. 
(I’m sorry for such a boring, rambling post today, but it is what it is)

My progress.

Heaviest Weight: 201.8 (I am 5’6″, so this put me in the category of being medically OBESE)
Current Weight: 187.8 (down 14 pounds!)
First Goal: 185 (this gets me out of the obese category)
Final Goal: 135 (Healthy weight for my height is 115-145)

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  1. says

    Hang in there sweet girl! :)
    I’m walking this road with my closest friend and I get anxious about each Tuesday-weigh-in.

    Keep on and press on. Don’t lose hope.
    Over time slowly and surely…that is the goal.
    Thank you for being so vulnerable and for sharing this struggle…I’m going to direct her to your spot.

    K @ The Chuppies/NOBH

  2. Theresa says

    I think you are doing great! The challenges that God brings into our lives offer us an opportunity to become more spiritually fit!

    About the bloating problem, I had the same problem…I found that artificial sweeteners caused me a lot of tummy distress. Also, I used to drink a lot of coffee, but since cutting down to one or two cups a day, my bloating issues are mostly gone. And please remember that it often takes a couple of weeks for your body to be totally free of the foods we have eaten, so it is possible that after a few weeks of cutting out soda and sugar you will find that your bloating is better (or gone!) Good luck, I am rooting for you!

    • Crystal says

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, and I totally agree about the getting spiritually fit part. Also, I’ve never done a lot of artificial sweeteners, I can’t handle anything with a “diet” taste, except for chewing gum. But, I was chewing a LOT of Trident vitality chewing gum (like almost a pack aday! lol), in place of snacking because I didn’t think about it. But I have cut that out and it is definitely helping. I also added back some calories because I underestimated the amount of calories those sweets were adding to my diet and ended up short for a couple of days (accidentally).

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

  3. says

    Congratulations on giving up the soda. That was hard for me too. I drink it…but only every once in a while…not every day like I was. Yay for the 14 lbs gone! I know losing it slowly is frustrating. But you are right. Overall you are slowly going down…and that’s what really matters!

    Sorry I’m so late visiting from last week’s WLWed. I’m hoping to get back on track…soon. But thanks for continuing to be a part of WLWed!

  4. Anonymous says

    The book Trim Healthy Mama clears up a lot of the confusion. Ive been studying weight loss for years and this book pulled it together and gave me the missing pieces.Worth every penny. Buy it. you wont regret it. kathy

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