Book Review: Firestorm by Lisa T. Bergren

Firestorm is the story of Reyne Oldre. She suffers guilt and fear because of an accident involving her work as a smoke jumper and doesn’t want to be involved with it again, instead she’ll work with the back end instead.  However, when she is forced to work with Logan on a research project working to make firefighting safer for smoke jumpers, she finds herself being pulled back into that world.

Although my husband has never been a smoke jumper, he has worked with them before on crews fighting forest fires so I was excited to read this book depicting scenarios that I’ve heard him talk about time and again. I thought the author did a great job at creating compelling and realistic scenarios.

Firestorm is the 6th book in the series, and while there were certainly times I wished I’d read the previous ones, this book is a stand alone novel and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read the others.

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