30 Day Shred

I started something new last week!  I have been losing fairly consistently (albeit slowly) with a few fluctuations here and there. But, I’ve been looking for a way to give myself a little boost.  I came across several blogs where ordinary people were posting before and after pictures with great success using Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred workout video. 

My goal this time around was to lose weight without spending money (more on that later), but I finally decided to purchase This Video
that I’d seen real people posting about so much.  (if you have reliable internet connection or an approved download device, you can purchase it digitally from Amazon for $4.99, or $1.99 per work out (there are 3 levels).  I would recommend purchasing Level 1
digitally for $1.99, and then you can see if you’re going to like it before buying the rest of them.  I paid $10 for the DVD at Wal-Mart. 

Since I have neglected any strength/resistance training, I was glad to have something to get me motivated in that area.

I’m on day 11, but I skipped a couple of days because of travelling, etc. 

I started seeing loss (3 pounds!), but then I got off-track the last 3-4 days of my stay with the in-laws and didn’t eat healhy at all, so I gained that small loss back, but the program helped minimize that gain I believe, so my weight is holding steady to what it was last week.  

I’m doing level 1 and it is showing me how pitifully weak my muscles are!  It is very hard and is an intense workout.  I have to do the modified version of several of the moves and there are still times when I just cannot complete the required reps, especially with my arms.  However, I’m trying and my muscles are feeling it, so I hope and pray that my hard work pays off.  I took some “before” pictures that I will post at the end of the 30 days (if I see noticeable results.)

I have also noticed a huge increase in endurance already from when I started, which is nice :)


Now for the numbers:

Heaviest Weight:
201.8 (I am 5’6″, so this put me in the category of being medically OBESE)
Current Weight: 180.8 (down 21 lbs!)
Next Milestone: 170
Final Goal: 135 (Healthy weight for my height is 115-145)


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    That’s great! I saw a big increase in my weight loss when I started strength training with Pilates. I couldn’t do a lot of the moves either when I first started. Now I can do a lot of the more advanced ones. It feels good! Congrats on your weight loss! That’s incredible! Keep up the good work! And thanks for being a part of the WLWed community!

    BTW, I did get your emails. I do have some thoughts I want to share with you. I am in the thinking stage at the moment, which can sometimes take me a while. But I will get back to you soon!

    • Crystal says

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been thinking of trying some pilates…that might be my next thing after 30 Day Shred. I’m a firm believer in changing it up, I think that really helps give you a little boost because your body gets used to work outs and they stop being so effective for weightloss…at least that’s what I’ve heard and my short journey so far kind of supports that as well.

      Take your time, I’m just glad to know that WLW will still be around :)

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    I had heard a lot about 30 Day Shred too and wanted to check it out. I was able to check it out from my library and renewed it twice, so I was able to do it several times in those few weeks. I was DEFINITELY a good workout and I’m thinking about buying the DVD if I see a good price on it on Amazon.

    I loved the 20-minute length of it, but I’m impressed with people who can stick to it every single day!

    • Crystal says

      Laura, I had a visit with the in-laws in the middle of it, so I haven’t stuck with it every day so far, but hopefully can rectify it now that life is back to normal. My small town library didn’t have it, but that’s a great idea :) If you have internet or an approved device to download digital, amazon.com has the entire thing for $4.99 or $1.99 per individual level.

  3. says

    Great job Crystal! I’ve been trying to make it a goal to work out five days a week for at least 20 minutes a day. I’ll have to check out this video. I’m always interested in new workouts, especially quick ones. :)

    • Crystal says

      That’s a great goal, Tabitha. Also, be sure to check your local library. Mine doesn’t have it, but if you have a larger library they may have it for check out, and I know you can get level 1 (there are 3 levels on the DVD) for $1.99 on Amazon.com digital, and they offer free credits occasionally as well.

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