Has anyone seen my Motivation???

When you’re lacking motivation.

This is a different kind of post, because I don’t have any revelations or answers to share, just questions and struggles.

When I started out this journey, 3 months ago, I was very motivated.  I was excited and committed, and working out nearly every day, an average of 6 days a week. 

But now, the honeymoon is over.  The excitement is gone.  And I’m trying to figure out how these healthy habits are going to fare in the face of real life, minus the excited boost of new victories.  It’s not going so well.  I’m hanging on, but barely.  There aren’t any victories lately, just a maintaining.  Better than gaining, but I don’t want to settle for that.  I have a long way to go and I don’t want to give up now when I’ve come so far.

Figuring out what is slowing me down

1.  We went on an 8 day trip to my in-laws, and despite my good intentions, our routines were slightly messed up while we were there, and we had to eat out and/or eat unhealthy things when there were no other options. 

2.  Our AC went out twice during the 2 weeks since we’ve been back home.

3.  We’re moving in about a month, so we’ve been packing up boxes for our big moving sale this weekend, and other things to prepare for our move next month. 

4.  I’ve lost my exercise routine.  I have had several different routines going over the past few months, but mostly it was just cardio and Jillian is mostly strength/resistance (even the cardio has strength/resistance).  It’s hard and I literally dread it so I think I’m at the point of subconsciously putting it off because I hate it so much.  Just being real.  So, I may go back to my old routine of walking/running, but I don’t like to do that by myself and my old workout partner doesn’t workout anymore.  So, I’m not sure yet how to solve this problem, but I know I need to do something…maybe just buck up.

At any rate, I’m also trying to focus on the positives:

  • I have lost 23 pounds.
  • At 178.8 pounds, I have now surpassed the weight I reached the last time I “dieted” in Sept. 2011, which only reached 180.4.
  • I have lost 2 inches in my waist.  Although I have MANY more inches to lose, at least I can see progress.
  • I have lost a pant size.
  • I feel better.  I can breathe easier and do more things before getting tired and out of breath.

What do you do to revive your failing motivation???  It doesn’t have to be weightloss related, but I’m really anxious to hear your tips and ideas.


  1. says

    I am at the same point as you with no one to exercise with. In the summer I have just been getting out more ie, gardening ect… and when winter comes I will go back to my Leslie Sansome walking tapes.

  2. says

    It sounds like you really did have some major motivation in the first place. I need to find that initial motivation. You have seen some great progress! Good for you! As for finding motivation now, Do you have an ipod or mp3 player with headphones? If you go back to walking or running, you could listen to music, or as my husband and I do, listen to sermons. The sermons make you concentrate a little more than the music does on what your listening too. You may already do that, but for me I know it helps to pass the time.

    • Crystal says

      Lindsey, that is a great idea to listen to sermons, because you’re right…it would take a lot of concentration, and keep my mind off walking/running…thus making it less boring :) One day I was so desperate I actually called my sister on the phone to have someone to talk to while I was working out! lol.

  3. jenny says

    With weight loss, you are struggling against your hormones, not the fat. Your body wants to keep that fat for a reason, which could be any one of a million reasons. But you are trying to force it to let go, and it knows better. My husband has a natural/whole health business, and based upon what we’ve experienced personally and seen in others, my advice to you would be to:
    1. cleanse your eliminative organs: colon, liver, and kidneys.
    2. Look into adrenal fatigue.
    3. Continue strength training, but utilize interval training for cardio.
    4. try the hcg diet for one 26-day cycle and see how it goes. I’ve done it and lost 20 lbs, only gained back 2-3 lbs since, and I eat whatever I want. It regulates your hormones to normal levels, and resets your metabolism to normal.
    All of these things can easily be found on the internet. I have done all of them, and always lose weight quickly. With hcg, the weight will stay off because it recovers and resets your natural, healthy metabolism. If you follow it as directed, you will not gain the weight back unless you eat a horrific diet for extended period of time. It also makes you more fertile, so be aware of that!
    Hope this helps you and/or others.

  4. says

    I can’t help but smile because we seem to be at a similar place in this journey…
    some helpful hints:
    pray (for attitude, motivation, purpose, etc)
    list the ‘why’s (ie the benefits for doing this)
    list the ‘why you don’t want to go back’s OR
    list why the family deserves a mama who takes care of herself.
    be around encouraging/positive people.
    …just.do.it… (my simple statement to myself when I am struggling).
    Keep on keeping on…

  5. says

    When I feel like I’m not going to keep going on whatever my goal will be I try to switch to “autopilot”. Don’t trust your decision making skills with this particular issue right now. You made the commitment when you were feeling hopeful and energetic. So, don’t let your “discouraged” side do the deciding. She’ll just trick you.
    Also, just focus on today, not long term. Long term of anything can be scary, so don’t go there.
    Just my thoughts! :)

  6. says

    I am inspired, Crystal, and I so much appreciate your honesty. I’ve tried to motivate myself in the past in various ways and none worked, so I won’t bother you with them! :(

    Another commenter, Jenny, mentioned hcg. That seemed to be going around Facebook a while back, and I wondered if it was really legitimate. My first question is always – is it safe? Safe with nursing? Safe with medication for hypothyroidism? Any answers, anyone? Thanks!

    • Crystal says

      Meghan, thanks for your thoughts! I was excited to see your blog featured at deep roots at home today :) ANd, you should share anyway, because sometimes what works for one person may not for another and vice versa…for me, what works one time might not the next time and vice versa. What initially gave me the drive to work out was a simple workout jar, and I believe it only worked because God was helping me as well.

      My brother-in-law has done the HCG diet at least a couple of times. I would NOT recommend it at all, but especially not for a pregnant or nursing woman. Basically, you are limited to around 500 calories per day! It is supposedly safe, but not by my standards, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it while nursing. He said that he doesn’t have any energy at all. With that said, he did lose a substantial amount of weight, but he gained a significant portion of it back once he stopped the HCG diet, and he did not go crazy with his eating like the previous commenter indicated you’d have to do, so it may work differently on different people? His regular eating habits tend to be rather “clean.”

      My weightloss has come slower than I would like, but I still believe in good, old-fashioned common sense eating. (although if there were some miracle pill that would really work to give me a boost, I’d be all over it! lol). What gives me a boost is to change up my exercise routine.

  7. says

    I, too, struggle with self-discipline! I exercise with my 20yo daughter. We used to exercise 7 days a week, now we're lucky if we fit in 2 times. There always seems to be something that distracts us. It does help if you exercise with someone else though. They keep you accountable. There are websites like that, too, like sparkpeople.com, I think it is called. You have accomplished amazing things. Just forget about yesterday and its failings and begin fresh each day! I'm pulling for you!

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