Recognizing God’s Provision (AKA: When God pays your bills)

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I read a comment on another blog recently, that said something like, “I’m a Christian and everything, but for all you people saying ‘have faith in God,” that’s not right.  God won’t pay your bills.”

I would heartily disagree.  God has paid my bills many times over the years through His provision.

We went to visit my in-laws a few weeks ago, and hubby did some work for father-in-law, and ended up with about $200 extra.

When we got home from our trip, we discovered that our air conditioner was out. The next day, our refrigerator went out. That extra money was just enough to cover the needed repairs.  At one time, this would have really frustrated me. We had plans for that money, and it didn’t include an unexpected expense.

I remember when I was a teen working as a waitress in a local restaurant, I would get so frustrated, because I could never get ahead. Every time I would get a little extra money, something would happen to use it all up. I remember several incidents, but at one point, I was saving money for a specific purpose—to get my own apartment. I didn’t need my own apartment, but it’s what I wanted at the time. I had saved up $500. For me at the time, that was a huge amount to save from my salary waiting tables. I was so excited.

Then something happened with my car, and the repairs ate up all of my savings.

I was so disheartened. I had been in similar situations several times already and I remember telling my dad, “I’m just going to stop trying to save money, because every time I get any money saved up, something goes wrong.” It was very discouraging.

Then, that still small voice…child, this is my provision.

And, immediately, my perspective changed. God knows what’s going to go wrong in my life and He knows what I need, and when I need it.

It was through His help that I was able to save that money, and have it available to pay for the car repairs I needed.  I didn’t know what it was for at the time, but He did.  Just as I fully believe that the $200 we came home with a couple of weeks ago was God’s provision for the problems He knew would be awaiting us. God was making a way for us even before we knew it would be needed.

Now, instead of being frustrated that we can never get ahead, I make a conscious effort to thank God for His provision instead.  Because I know that He has blessed us with just what we need, when we need it. Just like the prayer Jesus models for us, “give us this day our daily bread.” God doesn’t promise us a lifetime of provision all at once…that’s where faith comes in.

So to respond to the initial comment, God can and will pay your bills.  The only question is whether or not we notice when He does it.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever experienced God’s provision?


  1. says

    I call it ‘blessing money’. It always seems that any opportunity for me to earn money (especially as a stay-at-home mom) it is always for some provision that God is providing for whether it is school supplies, car repairs, or even those crisis moments of yes, actually needing food on the table.
    Great post!

  2. Nancy Smith says

    Crystal, like you, I have seen God provide over and over for unknown and unseen needs. However, I believe we may be seeing it from a different perspective than some others view the "God will Provide" clause. I am sure that you have known people that in the secular world are called freeloaders. In Proverbs they are called grasshoppers. They do nothing to prepare or provide for themselves by using the gifts God has already provided for them. They often invoke the "God will Provide" clause in the event they are presented with anything that has to do with using the gifts of health and physical ability they already have to get provision by honest labor. Even Paul talks about providing for himself and not asking for help for himself but for the church in Jerusalem. I firmly believe God does and will provide for all my needs. I wonder if the reason they invoke the "God will Provide" clause is because He knows that they are totally incapable of making use of His gifts and is indeed providing for them; even though in our eyes they are abusing those gifts by getting what they can from anyone they can get it from? a conundrum that I will leave to the Lord.

    • Crystal says

      Nancy, I struggle with this as well. We try to be pretty much as frugal as possible, but sometimes I see people who are like you mention, and yes it can be very frustrating. However, for me, when I say “God will provide.” My pastor has a saying, “We need to do everything we can in the natural, and when it still isn’t enough, God will take over in the supernatural.” That’s kind of how I see this. We need to be responsible and do everything we can, but if we get to the point where even frugal living and never spending money isn’t enough…He will provide and that’s a comfort for me :)

  3. Penny says

    Happy for you. Glad that you had a huge blessing on your visit. God is good no matter what the circumstances are. Have a great day.

  4. Emily says

    How much do I recognize this! My mother always talked about it when I was little, but it wasn’t until I got married that I really realized how true it was. Money appears when the car insurance needs paid, or when some unexpected expense pops up. Always.

    The last few years have been difficult, since Shane has been out of work, but as I remind both of us so often–God has taken care of us our whole lives. There is no reason to think that He is going to stop now!

  5. says

    So much of noticing His provision, too, is realizing whether it is a need or a want. The saying “God meets our needs” is true! But God doesn’t always meet our wants, and that’s when we get whiny and doubt Him. Great post, Crystal, and great testimony!

  6. says

    Thanks for this post. It's just the reminder and encouragement I needed today. We took a 50% salary cat a year ago this month to allow me to stay at home and start a business. We haven't felt that cut once. In fact we have felt more comfortable financially as we have focussed in on what matters. Each time we have needed money for the many car repairs or new fridge etc. He has provided and given us an opportunity to earn extra money that we had not anticipated. It was a scary move to quit my job, but I listened and we are being rewarded. :-)

  7. says

    We are on a very tight budget as we prepare to send our son off to college – a huge expense. We didn’t want him to graduate with an insurmountable debt so we are helping him, but we also didn’t want debt at our age. We are relying on God to provide. It’s total faith because when I look at the numbers, it simply doesn’t add up!

    • Crystal says

      Deanna, there are sooo many times when the numbers just don’t add up for us as well. Saying a prayer for His provision as you seek to help your son with college expenses!

  8. says

    We’ve had situations where Heavenly Father definitely provided the funds we needed ahead of time! God also pays the bills because he’s the one who blessed us with our talents that then allow us to earn an income.

  9. Stephanie says

    This happened to my husband and I just today! He ended up with $100 from selling a part for one of his friends, and the friend let him keep $100 of the money. We have been trying to save money to fix up his old truck (commute is getting longer and current vehicle is $$$$ for gas, when he called to get pricing, everything came right under $100!!!!! How awesome is that and how awesome is God?!!!!!

  10. says

    I REALLY needed to hear this right now!! We were able to have a little extra, and have had to use it up on basic living expenses. It has been so frustrating for me! I felt like we were not handling our finances right, and it was actually depressing me. Sad that money can do that to me, huh? You’re right, God knew we were going to need it, and gave it to us ahead of time. Thank you, God!

  11. says

    I agree 100%. Its a hard lesson to learn though that your priorities for your savings might not be God's priorities. I just had a friend who made up a budget for her vacation she was just $50 short. She went to church the next day and this elderly couple her husband had done some work for came up to her and put some money in her hand and said they loved the work her husband did so much they wanted to make sure he had a good vacation that it wasn't much but she was to add the money to their vacation fund. After thanking them my friend looked down at the money in her hand and it was exactly $50! That's God!

  12. Carla says

    I just lost my job as a caregiver because the woman declined in health. We do our part, but are trusting God provide, as my check although it was not much, was a big help. Thanks for the post.

    • Crystal says

      Carla, I’m saying a prayer for you and your family right now that God will show up in an awesome way for you :)

  13. veronica says

    I went from working full time to only two days a month, which has been so hard for us. I know that God has made provisions for us to buy groceries when we needed them and it’s still hard, but I know He knows our needs and meets them according to his will.

  14. Deeanna says

    Crystal, just discovered your blog and am LOVING it! I felt like I need to respond to this post in particular. I recently was paid for some after hours work which I do occasionally. It was about an extra $200 and I had big plans for that cash because we are also a low income family. Then somewhere in the midst of my daydream (which was NOT focused on God), I hit a huge pothole in the road, busted a tire, and bent the rim! Total for repairs? $200! I believe that God used this circumstance in two ways. He gently reminded me that I had taken my focus off Him and I needed to put it back, while also providing for the unexpected expense! Once I took the time to digest that, I had a whole new attitude about my predicament. Thanks again for your great blog!

  15. Anonymous says

    I live on Disability, I was told I better start saving money because the insurance, taxes and utilities are going up, and Disability won`t cover the costs.I`ll have to pay the difference out of about $500 a month I have to live on after all the bills are paid. It`s cheaper to live in a house than pay rent where I live, since Disability will only pay $479 a month.

    I would have had an extra $500 or $600 a month but my brother cleaned out the bank accounts after my mother had surgery where she found out she had terminal cancer. All the bank assets were suppose to go to me, but my brother convinced all the banks to release the money before she died. My brother and his daughter changed the power of attorney to remove me, but my mother didn`t find that out till a year later. My brother had convinced my mother that money was coming from shares in his company, enough to get me off Disability, and buy my own home, but that company had gone under years earlier.

    My mother not only forgave them, at one point she told me to destroy all the evidence against them, and to let them get away with it. But she didn`t die in a couple of weeks, it took a couple of years.

    My mother spent over $9,000 of her pension, (money I could use now) on a lawyer who said he made a deal to get the money back, even that my brother would pay another $6,000 plus in legal fees to the lawyer. He never paid the money back, or the lawyer, and the police have never laid charges. Even if my brother paid back $500 a month, it would take almost 2 decades to pay back over $100,000 plus interest. The money was taken almost 8 years ago, so I`m not counting on ever seeing it again.

    For 3 months straight, I once ate only every second day, it saved me food and money, and I even lost 20 pounds! I eat cheap, so I can store extra food when I find it one sale. One time I had to wait 7 weeks for a ride to the grocery store, the food came in handy and the only thing I ran out of was fresh fruit, vegetables and cream for my coffee.

    On her death bed my mother said not to worry, that money was coming, but no money came. I`m still waiting for God to provide.

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