Our Meal Plan 7/30 (And a confession)

Confession Time:

I’ve shared with you that we rarely eat out, and some of our many reasons for not eating out.  However, over the past couple of weeks, our family is in survival mode right now.  I know that in a perfect world (if I were a “perfect” wife and mother), I would have been more prepared.  I would have made freezer meals to heat up during this time, created activity kits for the children, etc.  But, this is not a perfect world and I am not a perfect wife and mother.  Far from it. 

So, what we had was a few days last week of my children watching way too much TV while I spent a solid week packing.  We also ate out entirely too much last week (and it’s not over yet!).

I could have prepared better, but for the most part I’m trying to extend myself some grace.

I did work really hard to get the kitchen put together so I could cook lunch on Sunday.  But, after spending nearly 2 hours in the kitchen (cooking, eating, cleaning up), I decided it’s really not very practical in the midst of trying to get my house unpacked, put together, and organized before Chad goes back to work on Wednesday.  So, I’m extending the grace a bit this week, allowing for mostly quick breakfasts (cereal, quick oatmeal, fruit and yogurt, etc.), and maybe a couple more meals out…then our entire family will be so glad to go back to not eating out.

Anyway, here’s our meal plan this week:


Lunch: Chicken and Dumplings, mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced tomatoes
Dinner: Out

Lunch:  Out  (We tend to be most productive during the day, so we’ll grab lunch sometime, and then after we’re finished unpacking for the day, we’ll make the evening be a normal family evening time)
Dinner:  Rice and Veggie Salad

Lunch: Out
Dinner: Simple Goulash

Wednesday (hopefully back in our routine with everything unpacked and put away!)
Lunch:  Picnic at the park (half a mile from our house!)
Dinner:  Cheesy bacon chicken

Lunch:  Tuna, salad, and crackers
Dinner:  Pork chops, fried potatoes

Lunch:  Salad with homemade chicken tenders, and homemade croutons
Dinner: Calzones

Lunch:  Hamburgers on the grill
Dinner:  Italian chicken, butter/herb pasta, stewed tomatoes, broccoli

What are you having this week?

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