Contentment Series: In Everyday Life

It is my pleasure to introduce Heather from Our Cultivated Life. God has been dealing with my heart about contentment in finances, mothering, more mothering and marriage. At the same time, I want to help build up other bloggers, so this week, I am hosting some awesome women who are talking about contentment in various aspects of our lives. I pray that you’ll be blessed by these posts like I was, and that you’ll discover some new-to-you awesome bloggers in the process!


“Am I content?”

“Is my life marked by a satisfaction that does not depend on my external circumstances?”

I have to be honest and say that the answer is usually no. When difficult times come, I grumble. When my child is struggling with the same sin issue, day after day, I lose heart. When sickness and heartache come, I groan from the weight. When I experience loss, I despair. I wonder why it is so difficult. Why can’t it be easier? I look to my circumstances and become dissatisfied.

When I spend my days driven by dissatisfaction, I fail to realize the blessings that I have. Dissatisfaction leads me to always look for what I think I need in order to be content. A dissatisfied heart rarely drinks deeply from the well of the present moment and this present moment is all we are guaranteed.

I must receive each day, no matter what it may bring, as from the hand of the Father. If I believe that He is sovereign over my life and trust Him for my soul then I must trust that He is also in control of every aspect of my life. The seemingly mundane daily issues as well as the big life events. Nothing passes into my life that hasn’t first passed through His hands.

I cannot view God’s character in light of my circumstances. The only way to have a proper perspective is to view my circumstances in light of His character.

He is faithful and true. His character is unchanging. Whatever He allows in my life is for my good and sanctification, even if it doesn’t seem so at the moment.

Christ determines the content of my life and I trust that He knows what is best for me. I am content in my life, no matter the circumstances, when I put my hope in His character. I cannot trust my own concept of how I feel my life should be. I am complete in Him.

I can cultivate a spirit of contentment by pursuing a daily walk with the Lord. Study of the Word teaches me more about His character. I must spend intentional time in prayer over the details of my life. I should spend time in prayer pouring out my heart to the Father over the details of my life. He cares deeply for us. But I shouldn’t ask Him to change my circumstance to suit my comfort level or even my convenience. I must pray, no matter how difficult it is that He would use my present circumstances to change and sanctify me.

So what is true contentment? It is not the fulfillment of what I think I want. It is rather the heart realization that, in Christ, I already have everything I need.

Heather is a lover of Jesus, wife to her college sweetie and a homeschooling mom to three little blessings. She is passionate about cultivating a home for her family and spends most of her days teaching her children, experimenting with recipes and sneaking in the occasional run. She blogs about is all at Our Cultivated Life. You can also find her on Facebook.



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    LOVE THIS!!! “(Contentment) is not the fulfillment of what I think I want. It is rather the heart realization that, in Christ, I already have everything I need.”

    Really stirred my heart. THANK YOU!

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