Ways you can Help a Child through Compassion

As I sadly confessed,  we were forced to temporarily suspend our monthly support of a child through World Vision.  This is a decision that has weighed heavily on my heart.

So, I was quite thrilled to join the large network of bloggers who are Blogging for Compassion.  September is Compassion Blogging Month, and the goal is sponsorship for 3,108 children.   Three thousand little faces, not so very different from my boys.   We are fortunate to live in a country full of resources.  If our family ended up in poverty, I would have comfort in knowing that there are resources for my babies.  The families served by Compassion International don’t have that assurance.  There are no resources available to them.  Mothers are forced to watch as their babies starve.

This is not a worst case scenario.  This is their truth.

But we can help.  We, who spend more money on clothing than they make in a year.  We, who spend more on a nice meal out than they make in a month.  We, who spend as much on Satellite or Cable as they make in 2 months.

Don’t tune out on me! It is so easy to turn a blind eye to the need, when we’re sitting in comfort.  Or even when we’re stressed about finances ourselves.  But don’t do it!  I pray that if my babies were in a life or death situation, someone would step up to help them, and I know you’d want the same.  Jesus calls us to treat others as we’d want to be treated, and so many things in life come back to that.

Do you want to help?  You can.  Even if you don’t have an extra $30/month to sponsor a child, you can still help.

1. Sponsor a Child.
Okay, so I said you can help without sponsoring a child (and you can), but this is still the best way.  It’s $38/month.  (Ways to cut back $38/month—skip a nice meal out for the family, drop cable/satellite or lower your package, skip a few extras: clothing, cd’s videos, toys, etc.). They make it easy, and fun.  You can choose which child to sponsor, and form a relationship with that child through regular communication.

2. Pray for the children.
Go to this page, and click on search more children.  Tweek the age ranges to that of your own children.  It puts it in perspective when your mother’s heart can see that.   Pray for them.  Pray for those children, who are just as deserving of life and food and necessities as our own children.

3. Teach your children.
Go to this page with your children.  Teach them about children in other parts of the world.  Teach them about how God’s word calls us to help one another.  Teach them that those children are just like them, with real emotions and lives.

4. Pray that God will make a way for sponsorship
Go to the sponsor a child page, and pray.  If you can’t find a way to spare that $38, pray that God will make a way.  Pray that God will put it on someone else’s heart to sponsor a child.  Pray that God will reveal His will.  If it’s His will for you to sponsor a child, He will help you make it happen.

5. Share with your friends.
Even if you don’t feel led to sponsor a child, maybe  one of your friends does.  A quick post to share this link on facebook or twitter, might be the push someone needs to follow God’s prompting.  Will you share the opportunity today?

6. Make a Donation.
Do you have a heart to help, but aren’t sure about a monthly commitment?  Make a one-time donation.  You can even allocate where your money goes, so if you have a special heart for disaster relief or unsponsored children, you can donate to that.

7. Get Involved.
You can raise awareness through your business, church, or community.  Check it out here.

8. Join the network
If you’re a blogger, join Compassion Bloggers network, with a commitment to share the need with others.

I have had tears flowing today.  The need breaks my heart, so if this post seems forceful, it’s really just that pain coming through :(  I pray that some of you can help, through financial sponsorship or at least through a commitment to pray.


  1. Lauren Mills says

    thanks for sharing the need with others. my husband and I have sponsored through compassion since we got engaged, and more recently we also sponsor a child through world help. no matter how tight finances are, I know that we have to find a way to give, if it means we eat pb&j sandwiches so our sponsor child in Kenya can drink a glass of clean water, then we will eat pb&j forever for her to live… Last week I shared James 2:14-19, 26 in this post: http://www.mercyinkblog.com/2012/09/risk-taking-heart-breaking-rescuing-irescue.html, and it's one of those verses that keeps me grounded. What good is our faith if it is not accompanied by action, by loving the least of these? It is emotional… you didn't come across forceful at all :) It's the Holy Spirit at work. Thanks so much for being bold and sharing with us at mercyink :) blessings, friend – lauren.

    • Crystal says

      Lauren, I completely agree that we need to make giving a priority, and love your comment about eating PB&J so your child can drink a clean glass of water. It really puts it in perspective, even for those of us who are currently struggling.

  2. says

    I love your heart. In college, when I started dating my now husband, one of our dates consisted of picking out a child to sponsor. 18 years later and we’re still doing it. And I’m so excited to begin my homeschooling journey and having Compassion be a part of our learning. What a program they have!

    Thank you for sharing the need…every contribution helps. We don’t have to feed the multitude. WE just need to focus on feeding one….

    • Crystal says

      That is such an awesome date! And so cool that you’ve been doing it for 18 years! So true that we don’t have to try to feed the multitude, but just to focus on the little bit we can do. if EVERYONE focused on the little (or lot) they could do to contribute, and really did it? Our world would be changed in ways we can’t even imagine.

  3. says

    Sweet sister…

    I thank you for sharing! I am grateful! And it was on my heart to tell you to not feel bad for being “forceful”… if we could all really see it? The real-life, their normal-life everyday suffering and trauma and death?… we’d be screaming at the top of our lungs until our throats were dry and aching and no more tears would come.

    I pray God comforts your heart and doesn’t let the good and holy and righteous grief morph into a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness. He is always enough. Please know I am purely projecting here… please do not take offense if you’re not feeling these ways! I just know that can easily happen in my heart if I don’t remember His limitless resources.

    Again, thank you for sharing your heart!!


    • Crystal says

      Elisa, thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging words! You have blessed my heart tonight! And you’re so right, if we could really see it, it would move us all. It’s so much easier to sit in our comfy homes and try not to think about it too hard :( You’re so right, God is always enough. And he can take our meager offerings and feed the multitude if we will just offer it up to Him…

  4. says

    YAY! I love that you are getting the word out for Compassion! Great post! I love your tips for cutting back and freeing up the budget. :) I am blogging for Compassion too and we have a sponsored child through them. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. Michelle Axton Kelly says

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder that we have different kinds of resources available to help these precious children. We sponsor a little girl in Rwanda and one in Burkina Faso. It has been the most rewarding experience ever!

    Please link up with some of us who are posting for Compassion on my link party! I'd love for more people to read your stories this month!


    Blessings, Michelle

  6. says

    Teaching your children is such an important step! It’s one I forget often…I think because I assume he is too small to understand, but I want him to grow up and always remember writing to and praying for his compassion brother. So glad you are joining in! Thanks for linking up with WIP!

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