A humble prayer

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I told you last week that this is Compassion Blogging Month.  The prompt this week was to write a letter to God.  No other prompt or guidelines, so this is just me, freewriting.  It’s not eloquent, but it’s what was on my heart today.

Dear Lord,

It’s not enough.

Even though we’re scrounging up the money in our meager budget to commit to a $38 sponsorship, I’m overwhelmed by the sad truth that it’s not enough.

The need is too great.

There is a multitude of starving, hurting people, and my meager offering doesn’t begin to matter in the face of it all.

I’m reminded of that little boy.  When Jesus said, “What food do we have?”

He didn’t know it wasn’t enough.  He just offered up what he had, in perfect innocence.

He didn’t know that his few loaves and fishes weren’t enough to feed the multitude.

No one told him that his meager offering wasn’t enough to make a difference, so he made it anyway.

And Jesus knew.  Jesus knew that You could take that meager offering and feed the multitude.

I offer up my meager sacrifice.  My money, my talents, my life.

In the scheme of things, it’s nothing.  We have very limited resources.  I have very few talents.  But I have exactly what you equipped me with to make an offering.

I know that you love each and every child in need.  Whether the need is in broken hearts, empty stomachs, or both.  You know and love each child who has a beautiful home,  and each child with no earthly advocates.  Because even if no one else knows their name or story, you do.

I pray that you would take our meager sacrifice.  Take our offering, bless it, and feed the multitude as only you can.  I pray that you will multiply the gift.


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