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Okay, so I have to share with you all, even though to do so is to share my faults and insecurities.  Some of you may read Courtney’s blog, Women Living Well.  I have read her blog since I restarted my own back in April.  Her heart shines through in such a beautiful way, and it’s such an encouragement to so many women!  But, I rarely comment because she is so popular and has so many comments already that I assumed mine wouldn’t be acknowledged or really even noticed.

But then, a few weeks ago, I felt a tug in my spirit.  You know, the one that comes straight from HIS spirit…telling me to comment.  So I did.  I made a conscious effort to comment on most of her blog posts.  I started praying for her, for her family, and for her ministry.

At first I would check and check to see if there was any response, and there never was.  It was discouraging, and I thought, Lord, she has all these people leaving her comments, people she has already formed relationships with through her years of blogging.  I don’t matter in this. 

I finally gave up on a response and decided maybe God had a lesson for me, reminding me that I should give, with no expectation of anything in return.  Yes, it’s just a comment on a blog, but bear with me here.

The Holy Spirit worked in me, and I began to take JOY in leaving her comments and praying all the while that God would encourage her.  I commented and I prayed for Courtney and her family, thinking that God was just teaching me a lesson (I had insecurity-inspired tunnel vision…because of course I couldn’t have anything of value to offer this big blogger, so therefore it must just be a lesson for me).  Then tonight, I got on my computer and read this post from Courtney.   Wow.   And I was instantly humbled.

All this time, I was sad and discouraged that my comments didn’t receive a response, when Courtney is over there just trying to keep her head above water (I know that feeling well!). How selfish of me!

A lesson that God has taught me time and again (you’d think I would actually get it one of these times!) …that things are not always as they seem, and that sometimes the things we find offensive or hurtful aren’t meant to be so because sometimes there are motivations for someone’s actions or inactions that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

And I’m grateful!  So grateful to be used in this online community. God can draw people together and use them.  Even shy, introverted me!  God told me to pray for Courtney because He saw her struggles and need long before she announced it on her blog, and I’m so humbled that He would call me to be a part of her prayer team!

If God is giving you a nudge, follow it!  You may not ever see the reasons, but know they are often bigger than you and bigger than you can see.

Will you join me in a prayer for Courtney today?  She has inspired and encouraged so many women through her blog and Bible Study Group (and youtube videos…seriously, her enthusiasm is contagious!)


  1. says

    OH my word – how sweet are you! Thank you for ALL of your comments! I read and value every single one! And I thank you so much for your prayers. I needem' – I'm in a little over my head here. Throw me a raft please lol! Keep writing and keep shining and most of all – thanks for not giving up on me. Your loving kindness is such a blessing to me.
    Lots of Love,
    Courtney :)

    • Crystal says

      Thanks, Courtney! I know that YOU are a blessing to so many people, and we have to remember sometimes that even the most put together people are still just people with needs like everyone else :)

  2. Merlin Ipe says

    I really love reading your blogs and believe it or not I share these with my friends. I am single. But I do not know why am so much eager to look for new articles from you daily and then I share it with my friend who is married and who needs work of God from people like you. Since she is not able to access this website at office, I copy , paste your articles into a mail and send it to her ;). God bless you for being open about your struggles and weaknesses and tell it out as it is. Its a wonderful blessing.

  3. says

    I am a big fan of Courtney’s blog and feel the same way you do/did. I wouldn’t bother commenting because I felt like it wouldn’t be read anyways since she gets a ton of comments.

    I love how she is so honest to let us know that she is overwhelmed…I read that this morning. None of us are perfect! Even with my smaller blog, sometimes I honestly just forget to respond to someone. I have full intentions to get back on there and reply, but it totally slips my mind. Imagine having to reply to all of those comments…she would have no time for anything else, if you really think about it.

    That is so awesome for you to pray for her. I feel so selfish that I never thought to do that. She is such a blessing to me and my life. I even have my own Good Morning Girls group and we do all her studies together.

    Thanks for making me open my eyes! I will be adding her to my prayer list.

    P.S. – I hope this year she does her “Making a Home a Haven Challenge” that she’s done the past couple of years. If she doesn’t, I’m going to do a copycat type challenge on mine lol!

    God bless ya

    • Crystal says

      Thanks, Angell! And, just so it’s clear, I totally get that she couldn’t possibly respond to all of the communication she receives! And, this post was never to make her feel badly for not responding, but rather to admit my selfishness in being discouraged at it when she clearly has so much going on…and to relate the blessing I received in being obedient anyway :)

      Making a Home a Haven sounds like a neat challenge…I might have to go search through the archives. I’ve never done a good morning girls group before, but I’m thinking of doing one this time for the Collossians study…

    • Crystal says

      lol…Mindy, I am not an example of a humble servant…I also have some not-so-examples of not doing what God calls me to do when I should. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers!

  4. Beth Oster Steffaniak says

    I love your heart, friend. You've spoken a truth that I needed to read and remember. Thanks for being God's willing servant to minister wherever He gives you the nudge. I will follow your example. :)

  5. Melinda Stanton says

    Hey Crystal, I read Kelly's mention of this post– how uplifting and transparent! Thanks for sharing your heart– it's the same feeling so many of us all have. Are we appreciated? Are we even noticed?

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