My audience of one…

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In Matthew 18:12-14, and Luke 15:3-7, Jesus tells a story.  It’s a story of hope and redemption.  It’s a story to remind us all how very important we are to God.  It’s easy for me to say He rejoices over His people.  And He does.

But the truth is, He rejoices over me. He rejoices over you.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  

And sometimes, I’m afraid that in our quest to live out a grander purpose, we’re missing the oneThe one that Christ deemed worth searching for.  I firmly believe that if I get thousands of followers, or have a blog bringing in the big bucks, but miss the one person He had for me to reach…then I will have failed.  Because success in God’s eyes has nothing to do with numbers.  It has nothing to do with stats. It has everything to do with following his still soft voice.

We live in a society that has long ago forsaken the one. We decided that one person just doesn’t matter.  Only the multitudes matter, but to God every single person matters.

Yes, it’s awesome when God does BIG things.  And He can…cause He is a BIG God.  But it’s just as awesome when he moves for one.little.person.  Because he cares for each of us that much.

And as His child, as His follower, I am His mouthpiece to a world of hurting, searching people (and so are YOU, fellow Christians!).  As His child, I am called to care about the one hurting soul.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I struggle with this.  I get discouraged if my posts don’t get comments, or if my “stats” go down.  Is it because I want fame and fortune?  No, it’s because I’m insecure, and I crave something to validate me as being worthy.  But the truth is, Christ already did that. 

But sometimes, that little voice comes in.  The one that says “what are you doing anyway?  No one’s reading your words…You’re nobody, and your words are useless.” He makes me look at lagging pageviews and see that I’m not as good as ______________.  the-one-who-gets-no-glory-here wants me to overlook the “few” visits and see only the lack.  he wants me to determine that the one isn’t enough after all.

But God’s word speaks truth in the face of lies.  His word calls me to follow Him, His purpose, His calling.  Even if I never see the reward.  God’s word calls me to do everything to the name of the Lord Jesus–you know, the one who said that ONE person—or sheep—is worth it. (Col. 3:17).  God’s word says, “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord…” (Col 3:23).  Sometimes, it’s tempting to do this blogging thing halfheartedly.  When the enemy is whispering in my ear that no one’s watching, no one’s reading and no one cares.  But the truth is that God has called me to do this, and He cares, and He sees…the good and the bad.  He sees when I falter, and He wonders why I won’t serve Him fully.  And He sees when I give it my whole heart even if no one else seems to be listening.  He is there…my audience of one.

And that has to be enough.  I pray that my heart will move beyond a need for validation, and that I will live to hear only the voice of my savior saying “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  That is worth more than a million followers.


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