Are you Thriving or Surviving?


Jesus said in John 10:10 that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Satan hates you and he wants to destroy you and your family.  Period.  He wants to destroy your life and your soul.  He wants to:

Steal your peace;

Kill your joy;

Destroy your spirit.

And sometimes, he doesn’t need any more than the routine, the maddeningly mundane every day to achieve this.

We forsake our time with God and in His word for a moment of relaxation with a good book or TV show. We work hard, we’ve earned it.  We  trade in our Sabbath rest for an ever growing to-do list, and sacrifice quality family time for dozens of extra-curricular activities, leaving ourselves stretched too thin in the process.

The next thing you know, we find ourselves surviving instead of thriving.   Trying to keep our head above water in this crazy life.  And just like that, we’ve traded in Jesus’ plan for his instead.  Satan loves to see us suffering through this life.  He loves to see us barely surviving.

But Jesus came to give us LIFE, abundant life.  Heaven is going to be awesome, but life doesn’t have to be something we just suffer through in the meantime.  I believe Jesus wants us to thrive.  He wants us to grasp on to His promises of love, joy, and peace for right now.

I believe we can help each other do that.  In fact, it’s a foundational principle of this blog—the idea that in sharing triumphs, struggles, and ideas, we can actually help encourage and inspire each other to thrive!

It is with this goal and vision in mind that I am starting a new link-up on my blog.  Tomorrow (and every Thursday), we will celebrate Thriving.  I hope you’ll come back tomorrow and join the kick-off party.  There will be giveaways, tips for how to thrive instead of survive, and lots of awesome bloggers linking up their posts.

If you’re a blogger, I would like to personally invite you to come and link up!

Please, help me spread the word and make this an awesome link-up party and community!  Feel free to share on twitter, facebook, etc.

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