When Actions Defy Logic (& Thriving Thursday Link Up)

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A while back, I saw this cartoon on facebook. It has a picture of a child who’s made a mess, and a mother saying “Why’d you do that?”  The tagline reads “Useless Parenting Question #1” It’s funny because it’s true.  So many of the things my children do just defy logic.  And so often that exasperated “Why?!?” slips through my lips.

Because I want things to make sense.  There should be a reason.  A good reason.  A logical reason.

But more often than not, my desire for logic goes unsatisfied.  Instead, the most common answer from my pre-school boys is a shrug of the shoulder, and those three hated words: “I don’t know.”  It’s quite maddening.

“Why did you step on that toy?  Now it’s broken.”  I don’t know.
“Why did you hit your brother?”  I don’t know.

And so the list goes on.  There is no logic, no real answer to the “why?”

Last week, I posed the question:  “what is your number one tip for thriving?” 

I had my own answer ready to go—in bullet formatting—starting with number 1:  Make God a priority.  As I read through your answers, nearly every single one said some form of that:  Read your Bible more. Pray more. Make God a priority. 

But so often, when  life gets busy, that’s the first thing to go.  When life gets busy, we justify our time for pleasure reading, TV shows, facebook, and internet browsing.  We need that time to unwind.  But we neglect to spend time with the Lord.

Even though, we KNOW that this is the number one thing that will take us from surviving to thriving.

It defies logic.  And I can’t help but wonder if God looks down, shakes his head sadly and asks, “Why?”  And, honestly, I would have to revert back to my 3 year old self, shrug my shoulders, and say “I don’t know.”

So this week, I have determined to put some logic back in my life, and make my time with God a priority!


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    I notice such a difference in myself on the days where I set aside time to spend with the Lord and when I do not. My tongue is more guarded, my patience is more at the ready. It is not only good for me when I seek God, but it is good for my family!

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