Five Minute Friday: Race

Participating in Five Minute Friday today with Lisa Jo Baker.  Basically, she gives us a word and we write for exactly 5 minutes–no editing, no pre-writing…just free write for 5 minutes.

The word…Race.



Sometimes, it feels like this life is a race.  Not just any old race, but a fast one, a sprint.  Get there, and get there fast.  Except, I don’t even know where “there” is, or what’s going to happen when I reach this elusive “there.”  So our life, our society takes us on this fast paced ride, until that’s what life becomes…a ride.

And then I’m not just racing.  I’m not even in control anymore, I’m just riding along, going through the motions required by a society that doesn’t even share my core values.

And we wonder why we aren’t happy.

Yesterday, I wrote about how our actions defy logic.  Even though I KNOW that the cure all for so many things in my life is to slow down, spend time with the Lord…I give that up.  Then I wonder why my discouragement hangs around.

I didn’t take the medicine.  It’s there, but I didn’t take it.

That’s why we’re taking steps to get out of this 500 meter dash…and join a marathon instead.   Slow down.  Enjoy our lives, and enjoy our boys before we race through it and miss it.

Because God is calling me to faithfulness and endurance…not a quick over and done dash.



I need to add that I don’t have a quick wit.  It’s one of the reasons I’m a writer and not a speaker.  I need that time to think, process, and edit.  But, it’s fun every once in a while.


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