Field Trip!

Yesterday was a fun day for us.  Daddy has been picking up acorns for work (He is a forest ranger, and one of his many tasks is to gather seeds for the state tree nursery).  So, yesterday we spent the morning helping him gather acorns.  We made it into a lesson about nature and trees, and the boys had a blast.  Please forgive the poor picture quality.  I think my camera was on a weird setting for part of them.

Here is what we spent the morning gathering :)

Logan, hard at work!  Someone gave us that halloween bucket last year, but we don’t celebrate halloween, so it became an outside play bucket.  Now, it’s an acorn gathering bucket.  He had so much fun filling it up, but mostly asking mom and dad to fill it up for him so he could dump it into the big acorn holder.

And of course, daddy was hard at work the whole time gathering acorns as well.

Caeden was so excited.  He woke up yesterday and said, “I have to get my work clothes on, because we’re going to work today.” Apparently, these are his work clothes:

Even mom was picking up acorns:

(Yes, I did really just post that awful picture of myself…see, all about authentic around here! lol)

And, we had some fun too:

The boys really enjoyed getting to “go to work with daddy” and we got to learn about the fall trees, and acorns and white oak.  We also learned that acorns can be really good math manipulatives :)

I wish I had taken a picture of the final product–a HUGE bag of acorns that we gathered over a couple of hours…but alas, I didn’t.

What are some of your favorite everyday field trips for homeschooling, or family outings?



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