The Birthday Game

Today, I wanted to share about a fun, rainy-day game we play.  We call it “The Birthday Game.”  It’s a fun game because it’s very versatile and uses things that you already have.

The game got started when we were playing with a foam puzzle like this one:

The boys love to make them into a box.  So I started taking the top off and adding a small toy inside, and then the exchange goes something like this (it’s kind of like a knock-knock joke in that the exchange/responses are always the same):

Me: I have a surprise for you;
Child: For me?
Me: Yep :)
Child: What is it?
Me: Open it and see.

And then they open it and gasp (they get so excited, you’d think it was a “real” present! lol)….”Oh wow, it’s________” (Francesco, Lighning, buzz action figure, dinosaur toy…basically whatever would fit in our small box.)

This is also a great game to play on a long drive.  I brought our foam puzzle pieces and some small toys.  They each made a box in their seats and handed them up to the front and I filled their boxes with surprises…over, and over, and over!

Our game has grown and now we use a gift bag, and we’ve used it for homeschooling as well.  Here are some ideas:

-Alphabet birthday (fill a gift bag with toys/snacks that start with a particular letter)
-Number birthday (put a certain number of items in the bag)
-Community birthday (fill gift bag w/ toys related to jobs throughout community–fire fighter, police, ambulance, etc.)
-Color Birthday (fill bag with items of a certain color)
-Book time
-Nature Items

The possibilities are endless, and you can change it based on whatever you’re learning.

My boys enjoy this game so much that they now play it completely independently, filling bags for one another.

Here is a little video of a recent “Birthday Game” where Caeden prepared Logan a movie birthday.

Does your family have any fun or silly made up games?


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