Bonus: Hear from the Husband!

 (My husband doesn’t really enjoy computers, the internet (except for fantasy football), reading (except his Bible), or writing.  So when I mentioned the husband challenge at Allume, with husbands being challenged to share how blogging and/or Allume has impacted their wife and family, it was more of a “Hey, they are doing this thing that’s kinda cool.”  Followed quicky by, “I don’t expect you to do it b/c I know it’s not your thing.”  Instead, he said “I want to do it.”  And, here is what he had to say…his encouragement and support is such a blessing to me!)

My wife is a very talented writer and God has used her blog as an extension of himself to touch countless people that are struggling with the same issues that our family struggles with. When she writes on a subject and the comments come flooding in about how much it touches them. It is very inspiring to our family to see our wife and mommy being used by God to help people where they are. This is exactly what Jesus did throughout His life. He didn’t wait for people to come to Him, He went to them and ministered to them with real life, something they could relate to and let them know that God can move in any problem or situation.

Each and every post that she writes comes straight from what God has laid on her heart because He knows who needs to hear a certain subject at a certain time and that is what is why this is such a valuable ministry tool. We see her everyday living what she writes and overcoming struggles, frustration, pain, and heartache. We are so thankful that she has decided to listen and follow what God has for her to do.

Our children are learning the word of God and biblical virtues and values from her everyday. I am learning about what a treasure God has blessed me with, a wife who truly loves God, her family, and someone who is 100% genuine and passionate about everything she believes and talks about.

Witnessing our wife and mommy living and doing the will of God everyday through her blog is exciting and very inspiring. In His word Jesus says  “If you are faithful with a little He will give you much.” This is just the beginning and I can’t to see what’s next.

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    • Crystal says

      I know, Meghan! I’m still all teary eyed just thinking about it. I really wasn’t expecting that. My hubby isn’t the most expressive person, so I didn’t even realize he felt that way.

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