Thriving Thursday…From Allume!!!

Okay, so I’m not quite there yet, but tomorrow at 6 am, I will be boarding my flight (Lord willing), and heading to the Allume Social conference in Pennsylvania!!!  I am nervous, excited, scared…and everything in between!

I’m so excited about what God is doing in my life through this blogging ministry and lots of other things.  He has been preparing our family for His calling and purpose and it’s a great feeling to be led by Him!

I’m terrified to be going to meet 400+ women.  Beautiful, fashionable, successful, gracious women…and I just know that I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of them all! I’m not always great at the socializing thing and I’ve just been praying that God will help me be a little more “on” this weekend. To open myself up and let these awesome women in.

I’m nervous about leaving Chad and the boys for almost 4 whole days!  I’ll be leaving before they get up tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday evening.  I’ve never been away from them before, and I know I’ll be sad at times.  But I also know it will be good :)

I’m grateful for the opportunity to go to this conference!  I would never have dreamed of it until God made a way.  And he did that through a very special woman, Christin Slade, who runs a business along with her blog, offering blog consulting and critiques, and virtual assistant services.  Go check her out, and give her some love for me :)

I’m happy to be forming connections in this online ministry.  I believe that blogging can bring people together in ways that face-to-face ministry and relationships can’t.  I, for one, am incredibly shy and insecure in person, but online I can communicate so much easier.  I have more boldness to share what God has placed on my heart, and have the opportunity to minister to and fellowship with people I couldn’t otherwise.

I first felt the full effects of the community of blogging when my youngest son, Logan was born and spent the first week of his life in the NICU.  This space was called “Scrapper Mom” back then, and women from all over the country, many who visited my blog for the first time just to share a kind, encouraging word.  Complete strangers were loving on us, leaving promises from God’s word, praying for us and for Logan.  It was a beautiful thing, and made me realize that this blogging thing is real.  It’s not just a waste of time.  There are real relationships being formed, and lives being touched.

If you’re a blogger, or a reader…never forget that there are real people, with real hearts, feelings, and souls on the other side of the screen.

Thank you all for bearing with my allume/blogging rambling today…I pray that you’ll have a blessed weekend!


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    Oh, girlfriend, I am right there with you on the terrified part! I feel like the apostle Paul a lot — timid when face-to-face but bold when writing. Have a great time, and I’m praying the Lord will bless you mightily this weekend!

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    Yay Crystal! I am excited to meet you, especially since having connected on Facebook, and since our blog names and hearts desires I think are similar :0) Make sure you find me, and I’ll make sure to find you!!!

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