21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge Kick-off (link up here)

Self-discipline Challenge

Last week, I told you about the 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge that I will be hosting with Laura and Erin, based on Crystal Paine’s new ebook, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.  Your assignment last week was to be thinking about why you want to do this challenge, what you hope to get out of it, your goals, etc.  So, I thought I’d share a bit with you about my why.

You might remember a few weeks ago that I shared a letter to my 16-year-old self.  As I was thinking about this letter, I realized I really didn’t have anything good to say.  Granted, I was at a low point in my struggle with depression, but the fact remains that I have done few positive things with my life since then.  Unfortunately, there are few accomplishments between then and now, few things to be proud of.  I mean, yes, I had 2 beautiful children…but let’s just face it, nature kind of took its course there, and it had very little to do with me! Lol.

On top of this, I celebrated had my 30th birthday last week.  Those two occurrences really led me to examine my life, and think about what I’d like to be able to say to myself in another ten years. When I look back at myself at 16, I’m filled with regret at so many things I’ve done (or not done) since then.  I don’t want to find myself at 40, once again, looking back with regret.

The beautiful thing is that I can change this. I really don’t care about some huge success. I just want to be headed in the right direction for myself and what God has called me to.  Enter, the 21 days to self-discipline challengeI have always struggled with self-discipline (and patience and perseverance). And I think overcoming that struggle could be key to overcoming so many of the problems that I have with myself and where I’m at right now.

So, there you have it…my why.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this challenge.  Feel free to link up your 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge post below.

NOTE: This link up is for the 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge.  If you are looking for Thriving Thursday, click here.

 (Find details of the challenge here.  Purchase the book here.):


A couple of you have asked some questions, so here is a quick FAQ:

What do I need to do to participate? All you have to do is get Crystal’s book, 21 Days to a more disciplined Life.  (I do recommend the book, but you can probably participate in the challenges even if you don’t have the book, you’ll just miss out on her awesome wisdom and inspiration.)

Do I have to have a blog to participate?  Not at all.  You can still participate in the daily challenges, and let us know how you’re doing in the comments here, on facebook, or on twitter, using the hashtag #disciplined21.

What if I miss a day? Or What if I don’t have time to participate in one of the days? Please don’t give up! We are all likely to stumble sometimes, and sometimes life happens. One of the biggest tools of the enemy is to get us to stay down once we’ve messed up. Don’t do that!  If you mess up, get right back on track.

Any other questions?  If you’re wondering about something, more than likely someone else is too!

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    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thanks, Monica! Linky Tools is down right now, hopefully it will be back up soon so the linky will work. Thanks for sharing…

  1. says

    Sending warm thoughts to you.

    I remember 30 (just a few years back) and it’s a tough birthday. There was a great King of Queens episode about Carrie turning 30 if you’re up for a laugh. Here’s a 1 minute clip from one of my favorite parts of that episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjQroAx1ZkQ&noredirect=1.

    I also remember feeling very BEHIND so many other 30 somethings (and still do today at times) thinking how much more I could have been and done if I had applied myself. Heck, there were 20 somethings that had me “beat”. But we always have the opportunity to change and move forward- although I’m sure we’re “enough” just as we are :) You’re not alone.


    • Crystal says

      Jenny, thanks so much for the encouraging words this morning! You’re so right, we always have the opportunity to move forward and that’s what this challenge is about for me–hopefully getting on the right track. I don’t even want to be “successful” per se, just to be on my right track and where I feel like I’m applying myself (that’s a good way to put it).

  2. says

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to work together as community to reach our goals; however, I’ve tried over and over and over again to purchase the ebook but without success. I always get an error. I thought maybe it was my browser, but out of the four browser I have (I’m a web designer, so I have practically have all of them.) none of them seemed to work. Then I thought, maybe it’s the day, so I tried every other day since you told us about this challenge. Nope, no luck.

    *super sad face*

    Anyway, best of luck to all you lovely ladies. I’ll keep checking in to support and encourage who ever needs it.

  3. says

    I’m so excited for this challenge! I still haven’t narrowed down my goals or picked my big project yet! aah! Thankfully I have a few more hours to decide :)

  4. says

    oh! I added my blog to the linky, but my first challenge post is scheduled for tomorrow. Could you please delete my link. I will add the post to the linky party after its published tomorrow evening.

    • Crystal says

      The link up is only for websites, but anyone can join along in the comments here, on facebook, or on twitter :) Glad to have you…

  5. says

    Hi Crystal! I’m definitely planning to join in, at least in the comments. My big project is getting my blog back on track. My little project, writing thank you notes for my birthday (which was over a month ago–definitely weighing on my mind!)

  6. MamaBethy says

    Yes, I am participating! I may not comment frequently, but I’ll be reading and joinging along as often as I can. Thanks!

  7. says

    I’m not sure if an impulsive decision and a 10-minute thrown-off post really fit in with the idea of Self-discipline, but I read your post and decided on the spot to join in LOL!! Thanks for the motivation!

    • Crystal says

      Awesome! This spring, I saw on pinterest about a workout jar and impulsively decided to start it. I have since fallen off the wagon, but it led to 3 months of the most successful work out/get healthy plan that I’ve ever had. Still trying to get back on track, but I definitely think even something impulsive can lead to something great :)

    • Crystal says

      Carri, that’s absolutely right! It’s never too late if we just commit to change right now. I pray that God blesses you in your journey.

  8. Ashlee says

    I’m excited to join! I’m in downtown NYC, life is a little crazy with hurricane cleanup, but I am going to try to start this today anyway.

  9. says

    I wanted to link up and I was so busy all day (starting the challenge) that I missed the chance to link up. I just wrote on my blog and wanted to link still. I’m not very experienced with blogging and linking, but I’m learning. Can I still do it?

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